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Thanks for taking the time to apply to the Qantas Regional Grants program. We recommend you read through the application information available before starting an application. Please ensure you take the time to consider your answers thoughtfully to make sure the best chance for success.

Please note applications must be submitted in whole, and you will not have the ability to save draft answers and return later.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send a copy of your application via email once submitted.

Please contact a member of the Qantas Regional Grants team if you have any issues or questions. 

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Qantas can also provide marketing placements across channels owned by Qantas, such as in-flight entertainment commercials and inclusions in Qantas emails. Please indicate if your community group or organisation would also like to apply for marketing placements on Qantas’ owned channels. Further details on Qantas marketing contraOpens in a new tab or window.

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Please provide timings for the projects and activities a Qantas regional grant would assist with. Please note it is expected that successful grant applicants will receive the funding in August 2024.
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