Airbus A330-300

A comprehensive plane profile and seating chart of the A330-300 aircraft. It has 28 Business seats and 269 Economy seats.


Specifications of the airbus A330-300 aircraft
Maximum take-off weight 233,000kg / 513,675lb
Wing span 60.30m / 197.83ft
Overall length 63.7m / 208.68ft
Vertical fin height 16.84m / 55.25ft
Cabin width 5.28m / 17.32ft
Wing area 362m/ 3893ft2
Average cruise speed 880km/h (547mph)
Cruise altitude 28,000-39,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 97,530l / 27,760gal
Range with full payload 7,000km / 3,800m
Freight capacity 14,500kg / 31,900lb
Volumetric payload 47,400kg / 104,500lb
Maximum thrust
287kN / 64,500lb
Engines General Electric CF6-80E1A2

Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice.

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