Reporting and manage delayed baggage

Your baggage is an important part of your journey, if your bag has been delayed we are committed to reuniting you with your baggage as quickly as possible and we'll keep you up to date every step of the way.

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Delayed baggage

If your checked baggage is not available on arrival, you will need to lodge a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) via our delayed baggage self-service portal or proceed to the airport Baggage services counter as soon as possible to lodge a (PIR).

If your bags were checked through for multiple flights and your final airline operator wasn’t Qantas, you’ll need to lodge your report with the airline that operated your final flight.

Reporting delayed baggage

You will need to complete and submit a delayed baggage report, ensure you have the following:

  1. Your Booking Reference
  2. First name 
  3. Last name

You can find your booking reference in:

  • the booking confirmation email that was sent to you
  •  your e-ticket receipt 
  • In the Qantas App at the top of the trip page.

Your booking reference is a six character combination of letters and numbers; however it'll never include a zero or a one.

Manage, view and update existing delayed baggage report

You can use this service to:

  • update and view information about your delayed baggage
  • check and track the status of your delayed bag
  • add additional details to assist identify your bag 
  • update your contact details.

Select the Manage Delayed baggage Opens in a new tab or windowbutton (delayed baggage self-service portal) and have your:

  • file reference number PIR (Property Irregulatory Report) example: SYDQF12345 and family name. 

If your itinerary involves multiple airlines or you've arrived on an international flight, it may take some extra time to return your baggage to you, due to flight duration, frequency of flights and local Customs processes in each airport.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our Baggage FAQsOpens in a new tab or window to find out more. 

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