eSSENTIAL Accessibility

We’re an airline for everyone.

Travelling with a carer

We’re proud to be the first airline in the world to partner with eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTM, a free assistive technology app that helps customers navigate our site with ease, booking flights and other travel products.

If you have difficulty typing, moving a mouse or reading, you can now navigate our site more easily with a range of free online tools such as a hands-free movement tracking system, onscreen keyboard with word prediction and page reader.

Find out more about eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTM below or download the appOpens in a new tab or window now.

Who can use eSSENTIAL Accessibility

eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTM benefits individuals with dexterity limitations that arise from a variety of conditions, including stroke, paralysis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease among others. 

It also helps those who have difficulty reading because of literacy deficiencies, limited English proficiency, dyslexia or mild visual impairment.

What are the key features of eSSENTIAL Accessibility?

Keyboard and mouse replacement solution

Access our suite of hands-free navigation tools, including:

  • Onscreen keyboard with word prediction and layout designer
  • Auto click
  • Manual scan
  • Auto scan
  • XY mouse
  • Direction mouse
  • Radar mouse
  • Hands-free movement tracking system

Page-reader system

Individuals who have difficulty reading can use eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTM to read the content, frame title and links of any open web page aloud.

Voice recognition

eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTM is fully compatible with Microsoft Speech Recognition 6.1 or greater.

Other features

Other useful features include a fully customisable toolbar and multi-user (seven in all including French), multi-language system which is fully compatible with SAPI 4 and SAPI 5.

How do I use with assistive technology?

Visit eSSENTIAL AccessibilityTMOpens in a new tab or window to download the assistive technology you require in a matter of seconds.