Lounge entry terms and conditions

Entry into a Qantas branded lounge is subject to the following terms and conditions.


1.1 Qantas Lounge access eligibility is conditional and based on the class of travel for your next onward flight, the Frequent Flyer Membership tier or your Qantas Club membership status.

1.2 Eligible guests can access the lounge once only and must be accompanied by the eligible customer.

1.3 Qantas reserves the right to refuse access to any person or to ask any person or their guest(s) to vacate the premises.

1.4 You may be required to show identification when entering the lounge to confirm your eligibility. For example you may be required to show your Qantas Club membership card or photo identification.

Lounge etiquette

2.1 Lounge operating hours are subject to change and are determined by Qantas in its absolute discretion.

2.2 When in the lounge, you must be respectful to all staff, other customers and guests.

2.3 You’re responsible for ensuring you have enough time to board your flight.

2.4 You must adhere to Qantas Dress Guidelines to enter the lounge.

2.5 While in the lounge, children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

2.6 Responsible service of alcohol requirements apply:

(a) You must not drink excessively.

(b) Unruly behaviour (including due to the consumption of alcohol) isn’t acceptable.


3.1 Personal information is collected upon entry and will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.2 All federal, state and/or territory laws and regulations applicable to the lounge location will apply, including laws, regulations and additional conditions that are applicable to hospitality venues.

3.3 You may be liable for wilful or reckless damage to the lounge and any furnishings or equipment.

3.4 To the extent permitted by law, Qantas shall not be liable to any lounge user for any direct or indirect loss, damage, personal injury, property damage or expense that may be incurred in connection with access to the lounge (including any such loss, damage, injury or expense suffered in connection with the supply of goods or services by third parties), notwithstanding any negligence, breach or misconduct by Qantas, and regardless of whether Qantas has any control over the circumstances giving rise to a claim.

Lounge invitations

4.1 Refer to the Complimentary lounge invitation terms and conditions for more information.

4.2 Refer to the lounge access invitation terms and conditions for more information.

The Qantas Club

5.1 Refer to The Qantas Club terms and conditions for more information on eligibility and entry requirements.