Our people

Our commitment to people, culture and leadership.

Our approach

Every employee in the Qantas Group is a custodian of our reputation for excellence and integrity, with a responsibility to uphold the standards and values we represent. We aim to build an inclusive, diverse and resilient culture to maximise engagement and performance so that, even in the face of adversity, the Qantas Group remains a network of ‘employers of choice’ in Australia.

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Central to that are the Qantas Group beliefs – our shared commitment to delivering business goals and creating a great environment. They are:

  • Everyone has the right to return home safely.
  • Customers determine our success.
  • Being a fit, agile and diverse organisation drives innovation and simplicity.
  • Working together in an inclusive manner always delivers the optimal group outcome.
  • Each employee deserves respect, trust and good leadership.

Our Group beliefs frame our culture internally and our role as corporate citizen more broadly. These beliefs are used by management to shape the policies and procedures that define how our workplace operates.

The deeper challenge is to encourage employees to connect what they do with how they go about it in accordance with the Group’s beliefs. Our reward and recognition system is built around the beliefs and values, helping to reinforce the Group behaviours in the process.

A dedicated focus on our people’s working experience will directly contribute to driving a strong customer culture, improved engagement, and a more diverse and inclusive environment. As such, we test the strength of our culture through employee surveys and continually analyse our retention and turnover data, using the insights to find out what's important to our employees, how we can keep improving and designing better experiences. 

Even despite the challenges of restructuring and stand-downs that punctuated 2020 and 2021, sentiment surveys showed that employees remain proud and confident in the future of the Qantas Group.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Qantas, we share a proud history of over 100 years. We value our people's diverse lived experience and believe that our inclusive culture has contributed to our strength and success. Our diversity of thought and experience ensures we understand our customers, make better decisions and get things done safely.

Our objective is to drive better business outcomes and an improved people experience through shared accountability for Inclusion and Diversity across the Qantas Group. This will be delivered by achieving three outcomes:

1.      An inclusive people experience, where our people feel they belong, are valued and can reach their full potential:

  • Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people feel they are part of a team and are confident in expressing their ideas.
  • At Qantas, we are proud of our diverse mix of people, including different ages, cultural backgrounds, gender, education and experience.
  • An inclusive and diverse Qantas Group is one that celebrates new ideas, accommodates different styles of thinking and enables people to collaborate.

2.      Diversity in our organisation and ways of working, enhancing our talent pool and ensuring greater diversity of thought behind business decisions:

  • We see value in bringing together people of different genders, ages, cultures, education and experience, and leveraging their different perspectives to challenge each other to be our best and do more than we thought possible.
  • We can learn from their different perspectives to deliver better solutions for our people and customers.

3.      External leadership in Inclusion and Diversity:

  • We are leaders in many different areas, whether it be innovation, our approach to fuel efficiency or our position supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We stand up for what we believe is right. This pillar is about leadership in aviation and Australia, and connecting with our customers, our suppliers and our communities.

We have a solid foundation of Inclusion and Diversity and have been broadening our focus to better reflect who we are as an organisation. Our six key focus areas are outlined below.

Gender balance: Qantas continues its long-term commitment to challenging stereotypes and ensuring merit-based gender diversity in aviation. Having reached our previous goal of 38 per cent of women in senior management roles, we have set a new goal to increase this to 42 per cent by 2024.  In addition, Qantas has agreed to targets for the 'IATA 25by2025 Initiative', with a focus on increasing female pilots within the organisation and female nominations for IATA governance roles. We also continue our focus on the Nancy Bird Walton initiative to reach 40 per cent intake of female cadet pilots by 2028. We partner with external organisations such as Champions of Change Coalition and Chief Executive Women to help support our long-term commitments.

Reconciliation Action Plan - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Careers and Inclusion: We have a proud history of championing reconciliation. We launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2007 and we launched an Elevate RAP in 2015. Working with Reconciliation Australia, our sixth interim RAP reflects our ongoing commitment to key sustainable actions, in light of the current global context. This is based on five pillars: (a) Sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander careers; (b) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic development; (c) Cultural inclusion and celebration; (d) Creating an Australian customer experience; and (e) Collaboration and accountability.

LGBTI+ Inclusion: Qantas has a long history supporting the LGBTI+ community. We recognise the challenges faced by our people who identify as LGBTI+ and are committed to creating an inclusive environment, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexuality or intersex status.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Removing barriers in processes and environments so that people of all abilities, including those with visible and invisible disabilities, can meaningfully engage in work and with our products and services.

Cultural and linguistic diversity: We embrace all cultures and languages, and the new perspectives and insights they provide.

Life ages and stages: Supporting our people to do their best work at any time in their lives through identifying and removing barriers at all ages and stages. 

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