Passenger safety information

Qantas Airways (QF) Airbus aircraft registration information.

As of September 2022.

Aircraft registration number of Airbus planes and year of manufacture
Registration number  Aircraft type Year of manufacture  
VH-EBM A330-200 2009
VH-EBN A330-200 2010
VH-EBO A330-200 2010
VH-EBP A330-200 2010
VH-EBQ A330-200 2011
VH-EBR A330-200 2011
VH-EBS A330-200 2011
VH-EBV A330-200 2012
VH-QPB A330-300 2003
VH-QPA A330-300 2003
VH-QPC A330-300 2003
VH-QPD A330-300 2004
VH-QPF A330-300 2004
VH-QPE A330-300 2004
VH-QPG A330-300 2004
VH-QPH A330-300 2005
VH-QPI A330-300 2005
VH-QPJ A330-300 2005

Compensation standards for safety accidents.

See Qantas Airways (QF) passenger Conditions of Carriage.