Neighbour Free Terms and Conditions

Important information about requesting Neighbour Free.


The following definitions apply to these Terms and Conditions:

1.1 Eligible Customer refers to the recipient to whom Qantas, in its absolute and sole discretion, extends an Invitation.

1.2 Invitation refers to an invitation that Qantas extends to the Eligible Customer to select Neighbour Free when travelling in Economy, in addition to Standard seat selection.

1.3 Neighbour Free refers to the empty seat next to the Standard seat of an Eligible Customer, which has been reserved, for a cost, on their eligible flight.

1.4 Nominated Payment Card means one of the credit cards, charge cards or debit cards (excluding any Gift Voucher, Flight Credit, Qantas Travel Money or Qantas Credit) which must be used to make a payment, or such other form of payment as approved by Qantas from time to time.

1.5 Original Booking is the fare purchased and Segment(s) of the booking made by the Eligible Customer to which an Invitation extends.

1.6 Segment refers to the portion of a journey between two consecutive points on an itinerary.

1.7 Standard seat selection is complimentary when travelling on any Qantas operated domestic flights QF400-1299 (excluding select QantasLink services). Standard seat selection is also available on Qantas operated international flights QF1-329 and fees may apply.  Additional fees may apply to seat types for Extra Legroom, Preferred, Seats with a Bassinet and Neighbour Free. For more information, visit or view the full terms and conditions

Neighbour Free eligibility

2.1 Eligible Customers must be at least 12 years of age to select Neighbour Free.

2.2 Qantas may, in its absolute and sole discretion send an Invitation to an Eligible Customer to make a Neighbour Free reservation.

2.3 Neighbour Free may be offered to customers travelling in Economy on Qantas operated flights in a Standard seat (Preferred, Extra Legroom seats and Seats with a Bassinet are ineligible for this offering), subject to availability and is not available on all flights.

Making a Neighbour Free selection

3.1 Qantas may send an Eligible Customer an Invitation for one or more Segments on the Original Booking. Neighbour Free reservations may be accepted or rejected for some, none, or all Segments in the Original Booking.

3.2 A Neighbour Free reservation can only be made on behalf of all passengers on the Original Booking.

3.3 By selecting Neighbour Free, the Eligible Customer confirms that they are an Eligible Customer and has authority to act on behalf of and to bind all the passenger(s) on the Original Booking.

3.4 Gift Vouchers, Flight Credits, Qantas Cash and Qantas Credits and other forms of payment or consideration not provided for in these Terms and Conditions cannot be used to make or fulfil a Neighbour Free reservation.

3.5 If an Eligible Customer's Original Booking is changed or cancelled after an Invitation is sent to that Eligible Customer and before the Eligible Customer has reserved the seat next to them to remain Neighbour Free, the Invitation will be forfeited.

3.6 Neighbour Free refers to the personal seat space only and doesn't include any additional baggage allowances and cannot be used for infant seating or to place items such as carry-on baggage or musical instruments.

3.7 The amount paid for Neighbour Free is separate and additional to the amount paid (if applicable) for seating in the Original Booking.

3.8 Only one Neighbour Free selection can be made for each Segment in the Original Booking regardless of the number of passengers in the Original Booking.

Acceptance of Neighbour Free

4.1 Receiving an Invitation and/or reserving Neighbour Free does not in any way guarantee that the reservation will be accepted.

4.2 An Eligible Customer is notified of availability at the time they receive an Invitation to purchase.

4.3 A Neighbour Free reservation may be made and paid for between 48 hours and up to 1 hour before domestic departure or up to 2 hours before international departure time via an Invitation.

4.4 Eligible Customers will receive instant notification confirming the seat next to them is Neighbour Free after payment has been made. Customers who have reserved and paid for Neighbour Free will see their new seat allocation reflected, and the seat next to them marked as unavailable for selection.

4.5 Qantas will deduct the amount for the Neighbour Free reservation from the Nominated Payment Card at any time from the time of acceptance until the scheduled flight departure time. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient funds on their Nominated Payment Card at the time of purchase.

4.6 When Neighbour Free is reserved, an Eligible Customer will be charged any money payable in the currency displayed on the payment page.

4.7 The fare conditions of the Original Booking continue to apply to the Neighbour Free reservation.

4.8 Once payment is accepted for a Neighbour Free reservation, no additional Neighbour Free purchases will be available for any additional passengers on the Original Booking.

4.9 Any special requests, including meal or seating requests, whether included in the Original Booking, will not be applied to the Neighbour Free reservation.

4.10 The seat next to you cannot be guaranteed as Neighbour Free as seats may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.

4.11 Additional Qantas Points and Status Credits will not be earned on Neighbour Free. The earning and redemption of Qantas Points is subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions


5.1 If an Eligible Customer fails to board a flight for which a Neighbour Free purchase has been confirmed (no-show), the Eligible Customer will forfeit the total amount of their Neighbour Free purchase, including the value deducted from their Nominated Payment Card.


6.1 Neighbour Free will only be refundable:

  • if prior to departure, a seat change is made by Qantas or the Eligible Customer, to a Segment on which an associated Neighbour Free purchase has been confirmed;
  • if the Segment in the Original Booking is cancelled by Qantas;
  • if the Eligible Customer is seated in a different Standard seat  by Qantas, for any Segment or part thereof for operational, safety or security reasons, or is affected by a flight disruption, and the Eligible Customer has retained all issued boarding passes, etickets and any other documentation reasonably requested by Qantas; or
  • under certain circumstances including under the Australian Consumer Law

6.2 Subject to Clause 6.1:

a) Refunds will automatically be processed when your reservation is no longer available, or at least two hours after the departure of the flight. A confirmation email will be sent to the nominated email address of the Original Booking confirming the refund to the original form of payment. Allow two weeks for funds to appear in your account.

b) If you’re eligible for a refund and haven’t received confirmation of your refund, refund requests can be lodged at

• after the flight in the Original Booking has departed or has been cancelled;

• no later than 12 months after departure of the flight in the Original Booking; or

• 12 months from the date of the Original Booking.

Refund requests lodged at will be actioned within three to five business days and we’ll email you confirming your refund has been processed to your original form of payment. Allow two weeks for funds to appear in your account.

6.3 Refunds will be processed in the currency in which payment for the Neighbour Free reservation was made and to the Nominated Payment Card used to make the payment.

6.4 Neighbour Free Terms and Conditions including refunds, are independent of Seat selection and fare refund conditions.


7.1 Qantas reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with our Conditions of Carriage, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the Qantas Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions (where relevant).