Building long term value

plane on tarmac at sunset

Every year, millions of people rely on the Qantas Group to take them somewhere.

We’ve been serving communities for 100 years. And we know that our continued success relies on combining day-to-day operational excellence with scanning the horizon.

The Qantas Group is constantly transforming to make sure we’re well positioned for the future. That’s how we keep creating value for our stakeholders, opportunities for our people and world-class experiences for our customers.

In the process, we aim to have a positive impact on the broader community and minimise our impact on the natural environment. And, above all, achieve the highest standards of safety and integrity.

The Qantas Group’s approach to doing this rests on three pillars: Delivering Today, Looking Ahead, and Acting Responsibly.

Looking ahead

COVID-19 represents the biggest challenge ever faced by global aviation – and its impacts will be felt for some time.

The Qantas Group entered the crisis in better shape than most airlines and we have some of the best prospects for recovery.

We’ve outlined a three-year plan to accelerate this recovery and ensure the future success of the Qantas Group. 

It is through this plan that we will get more of our people back to work and our business back to profit and growth.

Delivering today

The Qantas Group navigated exceptional conditions in FY20.

The Qantas Group navigated exceptional conditions in FY20.

Despite some of the worst trading conditions in its history, the Qantas Group reported an Underlying Profit Before Tax of $124 million for FY20.

As the COVID crisis deepened, the Qantas Group has taken a number of actions range of measures to mitigate the financial impact resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and associated various travel restrictions.

The three-year recovery plan, announced in June 2020, will enable the group to create a stronger platform for future profitability, deliver long-term shareholder value and preserve as many jobs as possible.

Acting responsibly

For consumer brands especially, protecting value is also about maintaining a social licence to operate.

We hold ourselves to high standards in everything we do and give others the information to evaluate our performance.  

  • Safety - our first priority
  • Our people
  • Our community
  • Our planet
  • Our leadership
  • Our governance
  • Our reporting approach.