Travelling to Australia

Eligibility and requirements when coming to Australia.

Last updated: 3 April 2023 

Check the latest government travel requirements for your origin, destination and any transit cities to ensure you’re eligible to travel.

Australia entry requirements

  • All Australian Government COVID-19 travel restrictionsOpens external site have been lifted.
  • Check you meet all other Australian Government entry requirementsOpens external site.
  • If your itinerary includes travel with another airline, or Qantas codeshare flights which are operated by another airline on their aircraft, you'll need to contact them directly to understand and meet their requirements.
  • Some countries have restrictions around transiting. If you're transiting via another country or onto another international flight, ensure you check the requirements of your transiting and destination country to ensure their government allows you to transit.

Australian State and Territory requirements

Ensure you check the latest public health advice for the states or territories you're travelling to, and adhere to any local health restrictions and social measures in place.

This may include testing and isolation requirements, wearing masks in certain settings such as public transport, or showing proof of vaccination in high-risk locations.

Refer to the government websites below for the latest information in each jurisdiction: