Christopher Marchioro

Proof that dreams do come true.

Qantas A380

“It felt like home to me.”

When you follow your dreams, they just might come true. And Christopher Marchioro knows this better than anyone. From the moment Christopher first stepped on board a brand-new A380 in 2009, he dreamed of working at Qantas.

Only 13 years old and on his way to Europe for the very first time, Christopher wasn’t only thrilled to be seeing the world, he was also excited to experience the world of flying. It was at that moment that Christopher decided he wanted to work on the A380. It simply felt like home to him. As he boarded his flight, he snapped a picture of the plane called Paul McGinness, so that he would remember it forever.

Nine years later, Chris began his dream job working as a Qantas cabin crew member. As he was boarding his first flight to Dubai, he noticed that the name of the plane was the very same one that took him and his dreams to Europe all those years before - Paul McGinness. Some things are just meant to be.

- Christopher Marchioro, Qantas Cabin Crew