Neighbour free seating
B737 aircraft Economy

Neighbour Free seating

Neighbour Free gives you more space to relax in Economy. When you reserve Neighbour Free, the seat next to you remains free throughout your flight. 

About Neighbour Free

Neighbour Free offers you the opportunity to reserve the seat next to you, so you can enjoy extra space and comfort when travelling in Economy. If eligible, you'll be sent an email invitation to reserve a Neighbour Free seat from 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure. Neighbour Free can be reserved up to 1 hour before departure for domestic flights and up to 2 hours before departure for international flights. Neighbour Free seats are subject to availability and may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.  

Neighbour Free is currently available on majority of Qantas operated Australian domestic flights and International flights.

Check your Neighbour Free eligibility

If you are flying with us and want to see if you're eligible to reserve a Neighbour Free Seat, enter your booking details below. Neighbour Free is only available 48 hours before your flight.

How does it work?

Receive invitation

If eligible for Neighbour Free, within 48 hours of your scheduled flight departure, you may receive an email invitation to reserve your Neighbour Free seat. 

Reserve your seat
  1. Select your Standard seat followed by your Neighbour Free seat.
  2. Provide your payment details and submit your request.
  3. We'll email you confirming your reservation. If we’re unable to secure your reservation, you will receive a full refund for the Neighbour Free portion of your flight. 
At the airport

Your Standard seat and Neighbour Free reservation will be available on our boarding pass. There is nothing further you need to do. 

What does it look like?

Using the seat map, you can reselect your Standard seat and your adjacent seat to make it Neighbour Free. This diagram represents a three seat configuration when selecting Neighbour Free for one or two passengers or simply selecting your seat.

Neighbour Free seat diagram


Discover frequently asked questions about Neighbour Free. 

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