Maroon Bells Lake Reflections in Summer, Colorado, United States
Maroon Bells Lake, Colorado

North America

Soak up the big city vibe in the USA. Delve into the east coast's New York or over to west coast to tech hub San Francisco. Those into the outdoors might choose to ski awesome mountains or kayak in the picturesque lakes of Canada. Prepare to discover historical regions and see stunning natural landscapes across North America with the help of our guides.

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Discover top ski destinations in America skiers coming down a mountain

Skiing in North America

Thinking of a winter escape? Rug up in one of America’s best ski resorts. Whether you’re skiing, skating or snowboarding, we can fly you to the most popular ski destinations across Canada and the USA.

Discover top ski destinations in America
Discover cruises in North America East Coast lighthouse

Cruising North America

Looking for an all-American adventure? Why not cruise the American Coast? Dock at some of America’s favourite big cities or admire the scenery from the comfort of the cruise ship, a must for any travel enthusiast.

Discover cruises in North America
Cruising in Alaska Boat on artic sea

Cruising in Alaska

There’s a good reason cruising in Alaska is so popular. With access to normally hard to reach areas in the South East, a cruise is the perfect way to see some of Alaska’s most dramatic landscapes. But take a jacket, the weather will be chilly.

Cruising in Alaska
Search cruises stopping in Hawaii Ship on water outside Hawaiian island

Cruises in Hawaii

Sail around the beautiful green-draped mountains of Hawaii. Spot wildlife, eat shaved ice and drink Pina coladas on Hawaii’s famous coastline or sit back and admire the volcanic cliffs that surround America’s favourite islands.

Search cruises stopping in Hawaii