Qantas Climate Fund

Investing in the solutions we need to meet our climate ambition.

Qantas Climate Fund

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About the Qantas Climate Fund

The Qantas Climate Fund is dedicated to investing in the development of solutions critical to meeting our sustainability targets and reducing our impact on the planet – in the air and on the ground.

The path to net zero is uniquely challenging for the aviation sector. Substantial investment and support are needed to develop and scale the solutions our industry will require to meet its climate ambition. The Fund represents the Group's recognition that as Australia's national carrier, we have a crucial role to play in in protecting the future of travel.

Investment priorities

At its core, the Qantas Climate Fund is anchored to the Qantas Group Strategic Plan to build a strong, ethical, sustainable business and the commitments we made in our Climate Action Plan

The Qantas Climate Fund investment priorities tie directly to supporting our ambition and targets

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Sustainable aviation fuel

Catalyse sustainable aviation fuel supply and secure access at Australian and strategic international ports.

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Nature based solutions

Secure access to high-integrity carbon offsets with biodiversity and social co-benefits.

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Carbon removal technology

Catalyse supply and secure access to mechanical carbon removal solutions for sustainable aviation fuel and offsets.

Operational efficiency and waste

Operational efficiency and waste

Access solutions to drive progress against operational efficiency and waste targets.

How we invest and partner

The Fund’s focus is to support the catalysation and scaling of solutions that fall within the investment priorities, including through:  

  • direct investment in technologies and projects, 
  • investment in managed funds with a clear nexus to our targets, and
  • research and development partnerships.

We recognise addressing climate change requires collaborative and collective action. Through the Qantas Climate Fund, we'll also look to leverage partnerships to scale the solutions we need, such as the existing Qantas-Airbus Australian Sustainable Aviation Fuel Partnership, which will be a central part of the Qantas Climate Fund.

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We’re seeking game-changing technology, project and partnership opportunities that align with our Fund mandate. If you think that's you, or to stay up to date as we release further information, register your interest now.