QantasLink A220

Airbus A220

Experience new levels of inflight comfort driven by innovation onboard our QantasLink A220s.

Our aircraft

As part of the Qantas Group’s Australian domestic fleet renewal program, we’ve ordered 29 new Airbus A220s, which are expected to open up new direct domestic and selected short haul international routes as more aircraft enter the fleet.



Modern, spacious cabins

Largest windows of any single aisle aircraft and a cabin with a greater sense of space.


Longer range

Almost double the range of the Boeing 717s they replace, giving them the ability to fly non-stop between any two destinations in Australia.

green leaf

Lower carbon emissions

Approximately 25% fewer CO2 emissions per seat, up to 50% noise footprint reduction compared with previous generation aircraft, and around 40% less nitrogen oxide emissions than industry standards.

Your inflight experience

Our next-generation aircraft, meticulously designed by David Caon, aims to elevate your onboard experience. Immerse yourself in spacious surroundings featuring high ceilings and expansive panoramic windows, plus increased overhead compartment storage for your carry-on items. There's also ambient LED lighting and minimised cabin noise to help you arrive relaxed and refreshed at your destination.


Browse the gallery for a peek inside our new cabin.

Recline and relax in custom-designed leather seats with increased pitch and width, offering greater comfort and more space for cabin baggage than our previous generation aircraft. Every detail of this cabin, from the convenience of wireless charging, to the carefully selected materials and the colour palette, has been curated to create an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Cabin features

Number of seats 10


  • Soft leather covers
  • Pitch - 94cm (37in)
  • Width - 60.8cm (23.9in)
  • 6-way adjustable headrest
  • Calf rest
Charging and inflight entertainment
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Dual USB A and USB C charging ports
  • Stream from the Qantas Entertainment App to your personal device

Storage and surfaces

  • Integrated tablet-shelf
  • Literature pocket
  • Extendable cocktail table
  • In-arm tray table with a built-in tablet holder
  • Bottle holder
  • Integrated coat hook
  • Larger overhead storage facility
Business cabin features


Browse the gallery for a peek of our new cabin.

Stretch out and relax with a larger seat than in the B717. Enjoy enhanced comfort with an adjustable leather headrest, stay charged with both USB A and USB C charging ports and more. You’ll experience a spacious Economy cabin, complemented by warm, earthy colours that create a peaceful tone across the cabin. 

Cabin features

Number of seats and configuration
  • 127 seats
  • 2-3 configuration
  • Woven fabric covers
  • Pitch - 76.2cm (30in)
  • Width - 45.7cm (18in)
  • 6-way adjustable leather headrest
Charging and inflight entertainment
  • Dual USB A and USB C charging ports
  • AC power outlets
  • Stream from the Qantas Entertainment App to your personal device
Storage and surfaces
  • Drop down tablet holder with anti-slip mat
  • Customised literature pocket
  • Meal table with slide to adjust for comfort
  • Larger overhead storage facility
Economy cabin features

Inflight Wi-Fi

Stay connected in the sky with fast and free Wi-Fi. Once onboard, you can use your own device to browse the web, stream entertainment from the Qantas Entertainment App and more.

Learn more about Inflight Wi-Fi

Note: inflight entertainment varies by route and aircraft.

Our A220 destinations

Parliament House Canberra
Canberra, Australia

The A220 will fly between cities like Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra as well as key regional destinations like Coffs Harbour and Launceston. With almost double the range of the B717s they replace, the A220 can fly between any two points in Australia and to several offshore destinations, creating new route options in future. 

The A220 is now flying between Melbourne and Canberra, and Melbourne and Brisbane. This expands to Melbourne and Hobart routes from July 2024, Melbourne and Coffs Harbour routes from October, and Melbourne and Launceston from November as more aircraft are delivered.

Note: all flights are subject to last-minute aircraft changes, and not all flights outlined in the schedule are operated exclusively by the A320.

Naming our A220 fleet

Introducing Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa

The first QantasLink A220 'Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa' arrived in Australia in late 2023, showcasing the artwork of senior Pitjantjatjara artist, Maringka Baker. The special indigenous livery is the sixth edition in the longstanding Qantas Flying Art Series.

Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa tells the Dreaming story of two sisters who traverse remote Australia together, covering vast distances to find their way home.

The fuselage design was created by Indigineous-owned design agency, Balarinji. Around 100 painters were involved in completing the livery, using 130 stencils and painting over 20,000 dots to replicate the intricate designs.

Explore our Flying Art Series
Koala sitting in tree

Australian wildlife names for our A220s

The top 10 favourite names voted by the Australian public, which will become the names for our new A220s, are:

  • crimson rosella,
  • echidna,
  • koala,
  • little red flying-fox,
  • platypus,
  • rainbow lorikeet,
  • sugar glider,
  • Tasmanian devil,
  • wedge-tailed eagle, and
  • whale shark.

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Important Information

Disclaimer: # The 29 aircraft is based on current committed Qantas Group orders arriving from Australian financial year ending 2024.

Disclaimer: * When comparing with the Boeing 717 aircraft that the A220 will be replacing.