Non-refundable: Non-refundable unless you are entitled to a refund or other remedy under the Australian Consumer Law


Cancellations to this booking will be charged the full amount of the first cancelled night, as per hotel policy. The cost of the payment processing fee applied to your original booking also applies


Changes to this booking will be charged the full amount of the first changed night, plus any applicable price difference (1), as per hotel policy.

(1) Price Difference is the difference (if any) between the price originally booked and an available price on the date of change or, if the same room or offer is not available, the price available for an alternative room or offer.

Use of Qantas Points
If a Member has redeemed Qantas Points for all or part of a booking and is eligible for a refund in relation to that booking, the Member can elect whether they receive that refund (less any applicable fee) in cash, Points, or a combination of cash and Points. However, the number of Points or the cash amount refunded in such circumstances cannot exceed the number of Points originally used or the cash amount originally paid in respect of the booking.
Use of Voucher

If you use a voucher for part or full payment of this booking, the amount paid for by the voucher is non-refundable and no replacement voucher will be issued when cancelling a booking. Any hotel change or cancellation fees amount will be deducted from the amount paid by you, up to a maximum of the amount originally paid by you. Any hotel change or cancellation fees value can not be paid using the voucher value.