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See where we're flying, and get the latest flight information on flight times and dates, plus the new routes that we've introduced.

If your flight has been impacted by the Government restrictions and border closures, see booking changes and other options.

Last updated: 15 October 2021

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New routes

Now is the time to start planning that regional or coastal break, and we've recently introduced flights to destinations across Australia to take you to somewhere you've never been or want to explore again.

New routes
Route  Flights commence
Ayers Rock (Uluru) <> Sydney 27 March 2022
Brisbane <> Launceston 1 November 2021
Burnie <> Melbourne 17 December 2021
Darwin <> Townsville 31 January 2022
Darwin <> Cairns 29 March 2022
Gold Coast <> Perth  17 December 2021
Melbourne <> Townsville
20 September 2021
Melbourne <> Ballina 5 November 2021
Sydney <> Townsville 15 December 2021


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Where we're flying

Australian map showing Qantas domestic network

Our network map shows the planned domestic schedule in 2021.

Travel restrictions

Some Australian states and territories have implemented measures, including additional health and safety protocols, in response to COVID-19 that may impact your travel.

Before booking and before departure, ensure you check the latest government travel requirements, which may include mandatory health declarations, vaccinations, use of face masks, entry permits, pre-approval and quarantine (possibly at your own expense), or you could be denied entry.

If your travel has been impacted, see booking changes and other options.

couple wearing face masks enter airport terminal

Inflight and airport service changes

lady checking in at a check-in kiosk

Find out about any changes to your airport and inflight experience.

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