Airbus A330-200

Our A330-200 aircraft offers Business and Economy seats, and operates on international and selected domestic routes.

Seat maps

Domestic and international


Specifications for the Airbus 330-200
Maximum take-off weight 233,000kg/513,675lb
Wing span 60.30m/197.8ft
Overall length 58.8m/188.7ft
Vertical fin height 17.4m/57.1ft
Cabin width 5.28m/17.32ft
Wing area 361.6m2/3892ft2
Average cruise speed 880km/h (547mph)
Cruise altitude 28,000-39,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 139,100l/36,750gal
Range with full payload 8,500km/5,300m
Freight capacity 13,000kg/28,700lb
Volumetric payload 36,000kg/79,400lb
Maximum thrust 320kN/72,000lb
Engines General Electric CF6-80E1A3

Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice.

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