Qantas Business Essentials

QBR, Woman in terminal

Qantas Business Essentials offers a convenient online solution to manage your company's business travel.


By applying to enrol in Qantas Business Essentials, your organization will realise such benefits as:

  • An online tool for booking selected Qantas flights at discounted rates
  • An online tool for booking rental cars and hotel accommodation.
  • No enrolment or transaction fees.
  • Monthly reports to manage and control travel costs
  • A dedicated Qantas Corporate Sales team to assist with personalized service

How to register your business

  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Nominate a business contact who is responsible for administering your business travel arrangements.
  3. You will then receive an e-mail with your company's unique Qantas Business Number (QBN).

Sample travel expenses reporting

Manage your business travel costs with free quarterly reports that provide summarised and detailed information on Qantas flights, hotel accommodation and car rental.
To track your company's business travel activity, enter your QBN number each time you book a flight, reserve a hotel or rent a car online.
Each quarter, your administrator will receive these reports electronically:

Customer support

Let us know if we can help with any questions or you'd like more information.

Important information

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Access to Qantas Business Essentials is based on your business' annual spend on Qantas, class of travel and destinations. Upon submitting your registration, your details will be assessed by our Corporate Sales team and you will be notified of our decision on your application. Discounted fares are subject to availability and apply to itineraries featuring Qantas flight numbers only.
* Travel agents and airlines may not apply.
^ Upon successful registration, you will be advised if your business is eligible for discounted fares. You can only book flights departing Hong Kong via Qantas Business Essentials excluding multi-city bookings.
+ Reports will be displayed in the currency of booking and will be converted into Hong Kong dollars (HKD) where applicable. Reports will show flights booked through Qantas Business Essentials and flights booked at where the QBN has been entered during the booking process; flights booked through a Qantas office (including, Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas retail outlets and airport locations) where the QBN has subsequently been added to the booking via Manage Your Booking at before travel; and car and hotel bookings made through where the customer has entered their QBN during the booking process.
# A Qantas Business Essentials team member will contact each registrant to discuss your company's business travel requirements, annual Qantas spend and eligibility.