Schedule of Fees

Find out about our booking, change and cancellation service fees.

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When fees do not apply

Fees may not apply if you're entitled to a refund or flight change under applicable local law or the Conditions of Carriage due to a cancellation, delay or schedule change.

Booking Fees

There are no booking fees for making bookings online at, through Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas Travel outlets and Qantas airport locations in Hong Kong SAR.

Change Booking Fees

In addition to changing bookings on, bookings can be changed (where allowed) through Qantas Contact Centres and selected Qantas airport locations, as well as web chat and selected social media channels in some countries. The following Change Booking Fees apply for bookings changed through Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas airport locations, web chat and social media. The below fees are not payable for bookings changed online via

No Change Booking Fees apply for changes to a booking in Business or First, including date and time changes.

Note: to change a booking via any method, a change fee may apply depending on the fare type purchased. You may also have to pay any difference between the fare for your new booking and the original fare. Refer to the applicable fare rules for details.

Fee type Fee per passenger per booking
Change handling fee HKD400
Fees that apply per passenger to change a booking in HK

Cancellation Fees


Cancellation fees may apply and these vary depending on your point of origin and destination. Refer to the applicable fare rules for details. 

Fee type Fee per passenger per booking
Refund handling fee HKD400
Fees  that apply to cancel a flight booking, per passenger

Additional baggage

The following fee applies when you request a refund of additional baggage allowance in accordance with the terms and conditions

Fees are per passenger per booking.

  Amount Qantas Points
Additional baggage allowance HKD470 5,000
Fees that apply to refund additional baggage. 

Important information

Disclaimer: ^ Includes GST.

+ Point cancellation fees only apply for an additional baggage allowance purchased using Qantas Points.

Disclaimer: ~ EML Payment Solutions Limited ('EML') (AFSL 404131) (the Issuer) issues Qantas Money under arrangements between it, Qantas and MasterCard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Limited (AFSL 386837) (a MasterCard business). For more information visit Qantas MoneyOpens in a new tab or window