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Digital health pass trial

An easy and secure way to document your COVID-19 health status.

Thank you for your interest. Registrations for this trial are closed.

What is it

It's an Australian Government requirement to have a negative COVID-19 PCR test to travel to Australia, and you'll need to show proof of this before departure.

We're trialling a number of digital health pass apps to incorporate this step into our check-in process for our international flights when borders re-open. 

We're inviting volunteers travelling on flight QF110 on 21 July 2021 from London Heathrow to Darwin to participate in our IATA Travel Pass trial. The IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app where you can securely document your verified COVID-19 PCR test result.

Complete the registration form below if you'd like to be part of this trial and

  • have your COVID-19 PCR test in England through either Collinson or Screen4, and
  • have an Apple or Android mobile device.

Benefits of being a part of this trial

  • If you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer, you can earn 500 Qantas Points. Just enter your Frequent Flyer number when registering, and if you participate in the trial and complete our post-trial survey, your points will be awarded within six weeks of completion of travel. You must be a member of the program to earn and use Qantas Points, and a joining fee may apply. Earning and using Qantas Points is subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions. Additional conditions apply.
  • You'll be able to check-in at a dedicated check-in counter at the airport.
  • You'll be supporting the development of our digital health pass to make this pre-travel requirement as seamless as possible for when international borders re-open.

If you're unable to retrieve your test results on the app

If you experience any issues with using the app to either receive your result or retrieve it at the airport before departure, you can still travel on your flight provided you meet the criteria for travel as set out in your initial pre-departure email.

How it works

Retrieving your test result on the app is simple. The initial set up process will take about 10 to 15 minutes, and you'll need access to the internet and have your passport handy.

number 1

Download the IATA Travel Pass app from the App storeOpens external site in a new window or Google PlayOpens external site in a new window store and follow the prompts to create your digital passport.

number 2

Go to the participating COVID-19 PCR testing site as previously advised and have your test.

number 3

View your test result on the app. Ensure you've enabled notifications so you know when you've received your result.

number 4

Your digital health pass is then available.

IATA Travel Pass No Description



Thank you for your interest. Registrations for this trial are closed.

What you need to know

By agreeing to participate in this trial, you consent to:

  • The collection of your information as per the registration form, including any feedback based on your experience with the trial. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will be used to help improve this experience. We'll store your information in Sydney, Australia and use this information only for the purposes of the trial including communicating information with you regarding the trial, and contacting you after your flight to understand your experience with the trial. Your information held by us for the purposes of the trial will be deleted or permanently de-identified at the completion of the trial program.
  • Downloading the third-party app 'IATA Travel Pass' to your personal device and accepting the Terms and ConditionsOpens external site in a new window and the use of your Personal Information as detailed in the IATA Travel Pass Privacy PolicyOpens external site in a new window. This is a third-party application, and we can therefore not guarantee the security or reliability of the application.

If you have any queries, concerns or wish to withdraw from participating at any time during this trial, you can email us.

Other important information:

  • Each person travelling will need to download the app to retrieve their individual test results.
  • The IATA Travel Pass application will request your consent prior to sharing of your Personal Information. IATA has advised us that they do not store any information centrally and all of your information is securely stored on your device only. For more information, you can refer to their FAQsOpens external site in a new window [PDF].

Qantas Frequent Flyer Points offer additional conditions:

You'll receive 500 Qantas Points for successfully completing the Qantas Digital Health Pass trial. This offer is not transferable and only valid for Qantas Frequent Flyers who participate in the trial and complete our post-trial survey. This offer is open to Qantas Frequent Flyers by invitation only. The 500 Qantas Points will be awarded within six weeks of the Qantas flight flown from London Heathrow to Darwin on 21 July 2021.