Chauffeur Drive - terms and conditions

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From 15 April 2020, Chauffeur Drive services will no longer be available for booking for Qantas customers. This also applies to Qantas codeshare customers travelling on an Emirates operated service to and from Dubai (flight numbered QF8000 to QF8999, excluding flights between Australia and Asia). Existing Chauffeur Drive bookings will not be impacted and eligible customers will have until 15 April 2020 to add a Chauffeur Drive service to their eligible booking, for upcoming travel through to 30 Apr 2021. 

1. Chauffeur Drive is available in selected locations to customers holding tickets with confirmed reservations in First or Business on eligible Qantas or Emirates operated flights. Reservations for Chauffeur Drive through Qantas can be made for all eligible flights booked as part of a Qantas or Emirates ticket (starting with ticket number 081 or 176).

2. The applicable Chauffeur Drive terms and conditions are those of the airline operating the flight. 

3. Chauffeur Drive is not available to customers who are waitlisted or customers collecting tickets on departure.

4. When travelling on Qantas operated flights, Chauffeur Drive is available for the following flights:

Lists those flights and destinations where Chauffeur Drive is available
Route Flight numbers
Sydney <> London <> Sydney QF1/QF2
Melbourne <> Perth <>  London <> Perth <> Melbourne

5. Complimentary Chauffeur Drive is available to First and Business customers on eligible flights connecting wihtin 6 hours and 24 hours between Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Perth. Customers do not need to be travelling in Business on the domestic flight. The domestic flight must be in the same booking as the eligible international flight. Chauffeur Drive is not eligible when transit time is under 6 hours.

6. When travelling on QF1/QF2 from eligible ports, any time the customer’s journey includes a transit time of over 24 hours, the Chauffeur Drive service becomes ineligible at all other stages of the journey.

7. Qantas codeshare customers travelling on an Emirates operated service to and from Dubai (flight numbered QF8000 to QF8999, excluding flights between Australia and Asia) are also eligible for Chauffeur Drive at destinations where Emirates offer the serviceOpens external site in a new window.

8. Chauffeur Drive is not available on flights operated by airlines other than Qantas or Emirates, or on Qantas domestic services that connect with Emirates 5000 flight series. This applies to codeshare flights operated by Jetstar and other oneworld airlines.

9. Each customer aged 12 or over (unless travelling as an unaccompanied minor under Qantas' unaccompanied minor policy) is entitled to receive one car for Chauffeur Drive.

10. Any customers aged 11 years or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to use Chauffeur Drive.

11. Chauffeur Drive must be booked at least 48 hours in advance of travel.

12. Chauffeur Drive pick-up times can be scheduled between 5 hours and 2.5 hours before the applicable scheduled flight departure time. It is the responsibility of the person travelling to allow enough time to get to the airport and check-in before check-in closes. Local traffic conditions and unforeseen circumstances can affect travel time, and the traveller accepts those risks when using the Chauffeur Drive service.

13. Chauffer Drive services have a complimentary travel allowance, which may be based either on driven kilometres/miles or a capped radius in each city. If the journey exceeds the complimentary allowance, you are required to pay the driver an excess charge per kilometre/mile. Some Chauffeur Drive services impose limits on the number of passengers per car and/or the number of bags per passenger. Additional charges apply if a larger vehicle or child or infant car seat is required.  View charges for Chauffeur Drive for Emirates operated servicesOpens external site in a new window.

14. The distance travelled will be determined by the route taken by the driver. The route taken and distance of the journey may be different to that displayed by GPS and mapping software.

15. If a customer fails to cancel a Chauffeur Drive booking and the chauffeur car arrives at the appointed time and place only to be sent away, Chauffeur Drive cannot be rebooked in conjunction with the same ticket.

16. Chauffeur Drive is not available to cross national borders of the departure/arrival airport countries.

17. Should you experience any problems with Chauffeur Drive, please contact the airline who operated the flight.

18. You acknowledge that Chauffeur Drive services are provided by third party suppliers, and not by Qantas or Emirates. Qantas is not responsible for the acts or omissions of such suppliers, or for any deficiency in the facilities and services offered. Qantas has no liability for loss, personal injury, or death incurred during the use of such facilities and services unless: 

  • such loss, personal injury or death is / are caused solely by Qantas' negligence; or 
  • such liability cannot be excluded under law (in which case it is limited to the maximum extent permitted under the law). In some countries, services may come with a non-excludable guarantee or warranty that they will be provided with due care and skill. The nature and application of these guarantees or warranties will depend on the relevant country.

19. Chauffeur Drive is not available on complimentary tickets or complimentary upgrades from Economy or Premium Economy to Business or First.

20. The Chauffeur Drive pick­up time should be strictly adhered to, without exception. Pick­up time is not negotiable. Drivers will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes from the nominated pickup time after which the driver will advise the passenger that he can wait no longer and is being released to the next assignment.

21. Qantas codeshare flights operated by Emirates (with a QF flight number) between Asia and Australia/New Zealand are not eligible.

22. Distance travelled by Chauffeur Drive is not eligible to earn Qantas Points.

23. To change any booking details once your booking has been confirmed you will need to cancel your original booking and make a new booking.

24. Qantas reserves the right to withdraw the Chauffeur Drive product or to amend its terms and conditions at any time. This right is not intended to limit or exclude any rights that you might have under any applicable laws, including consumer laws, which will depend on the relevant jurisdiction.

25. Chauffeur Drive services are not available between terminals at any airport.