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Bid Now Upgrades

Upgrade to a premium cabin using cash, or a combination of cash and Qantas Points.

About Bid Now Upgrades

Bid Now Upgrades are available for selected Qantas flights. If your booking is eligible to receive a Bid Now Upgrade, you have the flexibility to make an upgrade offer of your choice using just cash, or if you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, a combination of cash and Qantas Points.

Check to see if your booking is eligible

If you are flying with us and want to see if you're eligible for an upgrade or to review, modify or cancel your existing offer, enter your booking details below. Alternatively, you can use the Qantas App

How Bid Now Upgrades work

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After booking your flight, you can enter your travel details on this page above, to see if you are eligible to request a Bid Now Upgrade.

Alternatively, within 7 days of your scheduled flight departure, you may receive an email notification to place a Bid Now Upgrade request, or provided the option in your Qantas App.

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Make an offer

Place a bid, choosing the amount you’d be happy to pay for an upgrade. You can make an offer  using cash, or a mix of cash and Qantas Points. A minimum offer amount is required in order to make a bid.

If you change your mind about your bid, you can modify or cancel your unconfirmed upgrade offer up to five hours before a domestic flight and up to 10 hours before an international flight.

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Upgrade confirmed

You’ll be notified of a successful upgrade within 24 hours of your scheduled flight.

If it's accepted, the amount offered will be automatically deducted from your nominated payment card and any Qantas Points used will be deducted from your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account.

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Bid Now Upgrade offers will be considered after requests for Classic Upgrade Rewards have been processed and confirmed.

Making the most of every journey

Discover flying in Premium Economy Flying in Premium Economy

Discover flying in Premium Economy

If your upgrade to Premium Economy is successful, you’ll enjoy extra legroom and wider seats in an intimate and private cabin, priority boarding, a refreshed menu and extensive wine list and our friendly cabin crew ready to welcome you aboard and look after you. 

Discover flying in Premium Economy
Discover flying in Business Flying in Business

Discover flying in Business

If your upgrade offer is accepted and you are upgraded to Business you could enjoy a dedicated cabin, more space to relax, the freshest seasonal ingredients in the sky, lounge access (where available) and our friendly cabin crew ready to welcome you aboard and look after you.

Discover flying in Business
Discover flying in First lady sitting in first class seat

Discover flying in First

If your upgrade to First is successful, you could enjoy unsurpassed luxury with restaurant quality menus, fine Australian wines, spa treatments, the latest entertainment and our friendly cabin crew ready to welcome you aboard and look after you. 

Discover flying in First

Frequently asked questions

Important information

The above information is intended as a guide only. For further information on Bid Now Upgrades refer to the terms and conditions.

To see if your flight is eligible for a Bid Now Upgrade in the Qantas App, add your booking via the trips page by selecting 'Add Upcoming Trip'.

In accordance with Commonwealth policy, this offer is not available to you if you're travelling for Commonwealth purposes.

Disclaimer: Bid Now Upgrade offers are considered after Classic Upgrade Reward requests are confirmed. All offers will be accepted or rejected on Qantas sole and absolute discretion. You are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient funds on your nominated payment card and/or enough Qantas Points in your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account from the time the upgrade offer is submitted to the scheduled flight departure time. When an upgrade offer is accepted, you will be notified by email. Qantas will deduct the amount of the upgrade offer from the nominated payment card and/or Qantas Points from your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account at any time from the time it is granted. If an upgrade offer is successful, the nominated payment card will be charged the money payable in the currency displayed on the payment page. If your Bid Now Upgrade offer is successful, the original fare rules of your booking will apply to your upgraded booking. Products and services featured may vary according to aircraft type and configuration and is subject to change. You'll earn Qantas Points and Status Credits at the rate or your original booking. Visit Bid Now terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: ^ Classic Upgrade Rewards are available on Classic Flight Rewards in Economy and Premium Economy and eligible paid and confirmed Qantas domestic and international flights, with a Qantas (QF) flight number on your ticket and from time to time on codeshare flights operated by another carrier that have a QF flight number on your ticket. Classic Upgrade Rewards are subject to capacity controls and availability is limited. Classic Upgrade Rewards may also be requested on eligible Qantas Points Plus Pay – Flights but are not available on international airfares booked in E, N, O, Q class which includes some Qantas Points Plus Pay - Flights and some international Red e-Deal fares. Conditions apply. Visit Classic Upgrade Rewards for details.