Travelling to Australia

Eligibility and requirements when coming to Australia.

Last updated: 7 September 2022 
This information is subject to change. Check government websites frequently for the latest travel updates.

Before travelling to Australia, we recommend you check the latest health advice from the Australian GovernmentOpens external site in a new window, plus the states or territories you're travelling to, including any public health and social measures such as testing and isolation, wearing masks, and vaccination requirements in high-risk locations.

Australia entry requirements

1. Check if you're eligible to travel

2. Check local requirements

Ensure you check the latest public health advice for the states or territories you're travelling to, and adhere to any local health restrictions and social measures in place.

This may include testing and isolation requirements, wearing masks in certain settings such as public transport, or showing proof of vaccination in high-risk locations.

Refer to the government websites below for the latest information in each jurisdiction: