Travelling with pets

Pets are part of the family, so it’s natural to want to travel with your furry friends. Find out how to get your pet safely to your destination.

Important information: Our online booking portal for pets and animals has been temporarily disabled. Contact one of our preferred pet travel specialistsOpens external site in a new window to book your pet travel.

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Pet travel with Qantas Freight

We know you care about pet safety and comfort when flying just as much as we do. That’s why we work with a number of pet travel specialistsOpens external site in a new window who can book and manage every aspect of your pet’s travel whilst we work towards reinstating our direct booking option.

For domestic bookings, please note that itineraries are limited to single sector bookings and trips with more than one sector will need to be booked separately.

For international travel, we’re accepting pet bookings via pet specialists on a limited number of routes. Find out more hereOpens external site in a new window.

Read our revised pet travel policyOpens external site in a new window for full details.

Booking pet and animal transport

Following the temporary changes to our pet travel policy, all bookings for pet and animal transport must be made through a Qantas Freight approved pet travel specialistOpens external site.

If you’re planning to travel with your pet, talk to your pet travel specialist about your options.

Note: only service dogs can be carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft. All other animals and pets travel in a special area in the hold of a passenger aircraft where the temperature and noise are similar to those experienced in the cabin.

Find out more about pet and animal transportOpens external site in a new window.