New Caledonia : A South Pacific paradise

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Ilot Brosse Island in New Caledonia

With its turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and diverse natural landscape, New Caledonia is a land brimming full of natural beauty and adventure.

New Caledonia is divided into five different regions: Noumea, The Islands, Big South, West Coast and East Coast. Each region offers something different and amazing to explore. Whether you are looking to learn about the cultural history, dive in deep lagoons or hike through the local flora and fauna, New Caledonia will not disappoint.

Regions of New Caledonia

New Caledonia is divided into five different regions, each offering something unique and interesting to discover.

The Islands: Picturesque postcard settings

Boasting kilometers of white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, deep forests and turquoise waters, the Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands are full of natural beauty. 

On the Isle of Pines, you can sail in traditional pirogues to natural lagoons surrounded by column pine trees. 

And on the Loyalty Islands, you can encounter unique wildlife, such as manta rays, while diving in the lagoons.

Noumea: A lagoon-bordered town

Built on its identity for mixing cultures and styles, Noumea hosts many museums, art galleries and theatres, with shows and exhibitions all year round.

Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities such as snorkelling, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

At night the bays come with live entertainment and locals feasting on tapas as the sun sets. 

West Coast : The Caledonian outback

The West Coast of Grande Terre offers a diverse landscape where the ochre savannas, meet the blue lagoons. Here mangroves dominate the coastline and where you can find world-heritage lagoons. 

The region also boasts fascinating historical and achaeological sites to explore.

East Coast : customs and traditions

In the East Coast you can discover the cultural history and see New Caledonia in a different light. 

In the heart of the exuberant nature, find local villages where you can stay with a tribe, discover bush life through hiking, bougna and visiting vanilla plantations. Here you can also learn about the Kanak myths and legends.

Big South : At the heart of adventure

The Big South is an adventure-lovers heaven. The region is the gateway to the Big Hiking Path and home to Parc Provincial de la Riviere Bleue where you can hike, kayak and mountain bike along botanical trails. 

Here you can also spot humpback whales when they come to the New Caledonia waters between July and September.

Our recommended itineraries

Seek inspiration for your trip to New Caledonia with our recommended itineraries below. Whether you are going for a short stay or a bit longer, ensure you make the most of your time in New Caledonia and see all the beautiful attractions New Caledonia has to offer.

Short stay - 5 days

Day 1 - Visit the Noumea market for local produce and handicrafts. Afterwards, head downtown for some shopping and to Anse-Vate for watersports and to visit the Aquarium des Lagons.

Day 2 - Fly to the Isles of Pines for a guided tour of the island or a lazy day at Bay of Kuto.

Day 3 – Travel to Île des Pins and tour the island to discover the mythical beaches, the Queen Hortense cave and the remains of the penal colony.

Bay of Kuto

Day 4 –Travel half an hour away from Noumea and see the red earth of the Big South. Here you can catch sigh of the iconic cagou in the Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue. If you get the chance, kayak through the forest during a full moon for an unforgettable experience.

Day 5 – Noumea: Relax in an spa or the beach after visiting the Tjibaou Cultural Centre or the Museum of New Caledonia (musée de Nouvelle-Calédonie).

Medium Stay - 10 days

Day 1 –Visit the Noumea market for local produce and handicrafts. Afterwards, enjoy a drink on the Place des cocotiers before visiting the Centre Cultural Tjibaou.

Day 2: Head to the Big South and enjoy hiking in the Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue. Here you can also visit the chutes de la Madeleine, the Yate dam or the village of Prony. 

Day 3 – Travel to Île des Pins and tour the island to discover the mythical beaches, the Queen Hortense cave and the remains of the penal colony.

Tropical beach in noumea

Day 4 –For  on your second day on Île des Pins, sail across the Bay of Upi on board a traditional pirogue and then walk to the natural pool of Oro.

Day 5 – Back on Grande Terre, head to Bourail and Roche Percée beach where you can see the “Bonhomme” at the foot of the cliff that overlooks the bay. Poé, another very popular local spot, is famous for its long white sandy beach and its small lagoon.

Day 6 – Explore the Deva estate, following one of the many footpaths by foot, biking or horse-riding.

Day 7 – Board a microlight to fly over the mountains, lagoons and to see the cœur de mangrove.

Day 8 –Drive to the East Coast to discover Linderalique and the famous Poule. After, take a ferry north and swim under the amazing Tao waterfall.

Day 9 –Head to Poindimié to dive in the world-heritage listed lagoons or journey off to the Tibarama islet for some cast net fishing.

Tropical beach in New Caledonia

Day 10 –Return to the West Coast to explore the parc des Grandes Fougères, home to endemic birds and plants and where you can enjoy some hiking or mountain biking.

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