Australian bushfire relief and recovery

Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the devastating Australian bushfires and those working hard to fight them.


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The bushfires cutting through communities and the environment across Australia has been shocking and tragic.

The bravery of our volunteer fire fighters, emergency services and the military has been inspiring and the kindness of individuals and community groups incredibly heart-warming.

Like many others, at Qantas and Jetstar we stand here to help.

Since the start of the bushfire season we’ve carried thousands of fire fighters and tonnes of equipment around the country and we will continue to do this for as long as it’s needed.

We’ve also donated $1 million cash AUD to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. 

And when the time is right, we stand ready to help these special communities get back on their feet by bringing tourists back.

Thank you for your support as we all work together to help those affected access relief and recover.

Advice and alerts for travel to Australia

Most destinations in Australia remain safe and continue to welcome visitors. It is more important than ever to support Australian tourism providers, whether in unaffected regions or those that will recover from these bushfires in the months and years to come. The best way to support Australia, Australian communities, and the tourism sector is to keep visiting.

All international airports in Australia are currently operating as normal. We encourage all travellers visiting Australia to seek the most up-to-date information for their planned itinerary prior to departure, and remain informed about changing conditions while in Australia.

Stay informed with Tourism Australia for safety advice and alerts for travel to Australia.