Toilets onboard

Most of our aircraft have facilities which are accessible to customers with reduced mobility.

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Availability of onboard toilets

All of our wide-bodied aircraft (A380 and A330) have at least one fully wheelchair accessible toilet.

If you’re travelling on one of our narrow-bodied aircraft (such as B737, B717, F100 and Dash 8 aircraft), these aircraft don't have accessible toilets owing to size restrictions on the aircraft. Where passengers are not travelling with an assistant or carer, our friendly cabin crew can assist to and from the door of the aircraft toilet, but for health reasons, cannot assist within the toilet. An assistant or carer is required for a passenger who is unable to self-toilet.

Other toilets on both wide and narrow-bodied aircraft may be accessible by semi-ambulatory passengers who are able to manoeuvre themselves from the door using grab rails. However, ordinary toilets can't accommodate a wheelchair.

If you want information about where the wheelchair accessible toilets, or toilets in general, are located on each of our aircraft, you’ll find that in our seat maps

Accessing onboard toilets

Onboard wheelchairs are available on Qantas aircraft (with the exception of the A320, 717, Fokker 100 and Dash 8 aircraft due to cabin size restrictions) and allow passengers to be escorted to and from the aircraft toilets. The 737-800 has an onboard wheelchair, but no wheelchair accessible toilet.

If you’re not travelling with an escort or carer, cabin crew can assist with escorting you to and from the door of the aircraft toilet using the onboard wheelchair, (where available). Cabin crew may not assist with transfers to the toilet or any other toileting requirements.

You must travel with a carer if you're unable to self-toilet.