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Earn 3 Qantas Points for every A$1 spent on stays booked with eligible hotels.

Conditions apply

Choose from our hotel partners and find somewhere amazing to stay today. There's no reason your hotel can't be just as spectacular as your destination.

Stay in paradise when you choose a hotel in the Maldives, or relax in a tranquil resort in Bali. Perhaps a beach-side escape will turn Hawaii into your dream home away from home.

Browse more than 200,000 hotels worldwide and book with ease on the Qantas Hotels website. Access specials and deals and earn Qantas Points while you stay somewhere dreamy.

How to earn Qantas Points with Qantas Hotels

Step 1

Find the hotel you love on Qantas Hotels

Step 2

Enter your Qantas Frequent Flyer number when booking

Step 3
Points will be added to your account within eight weeks after checking out
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For discounted rates, deals and bonus Qantas Points offers all around Australia, view our hotel dealsOpens in a new tab or window. For a selection of carefully curated multi-night stays across the globe, view our luxury offersOpens in a new tab or window. Each limited time offer features a stay at a fantastic hotel, bonus inclusions and Qantas Points.

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