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Explore, discover and connect with Europe's history - very few places in the world remain untouched by some form of European influence. With so much on offer it might seem overwhelming, but break the continent into chunks and you'll find plenty to see and do time and again. From Scandinavia in the north to the tip of Sicily in the south, from Portugal in the west to the former Soviet outposts of Ukraine and Belarus in the east, Europe is full of new discoveries waiting to be explored and loved. 

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Legging it past the tour-bus crush, Tony Magnusson quietly explores western Europe’s Low Countries by barge and bike, read about 'A Barge and Bike Cruise in Western Europe'.

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Destinations in Europe

London London


London, United Kingdom

London is a collection of diverse boroughs, each offering a unique insight and experience into the historical and regal city. And the food’s good too.

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Paris Paris


Paris, France

Live a life more extraordinary in Paris, where you can take your pick of atmospheric street scenes, iconic museums and romantic bridges to project your ideal self upon.

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Frankfurt Frankfurt


Frankfurt, Germany

Shimmering skyscrapers soaring above old town squares. The juxtaposition does not jolt: Rather, Frankfurt am Main cleverly blends both medieval and modern like few European cities.

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Barcelona Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain

Spain's most vibrant city is a fiery mix of Catalan culture, stunning Gaudi architecture, vibrant nightlife, plus cafes, tapas bars and people happily enjoying the vibrant street life.

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Rome Rome


Rome, Italy

As the saying goes 'when in Rome...' visit the ancient landmarks, eat the great food and enjoy the laidback lifestyle that is the envy of the world!

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