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About us

Being one of our cabin crew team members is a truly rewarding experience. You'll meet new people every day, travel to incredible places, and be part of a passionate and welcoming team who take pride in wearing our uniform.

This isn't your usual nine-to-five job – you’ll need to go above and beyond - but that's why it's so unique. You’ll need to be flexible and committed as you face exciting and new challenges every day. 

The role

To join our team you'll need to:

  • understand our customers - whether they're regular flyers or have never flown before
  • build relationships easily, trust your team, and contribute positively to their performance
  • be prepared to adapt to any situation in a sensible, warm and safe way
  • appreciate cultural diversity and show sensitivity towards customers who may need extra help - like children travelling alone, nervous flyers or people who speak languages other than English
  • be genuine and caring when it comes to offering our customers food, beverages and anything else they may need to feel comfortable
  • understand the importance of inflight hygiene and make sure all areas of the cabin are clean, fresh and ready for our customers
  • be trained and confident in aircraft safety procedures and first aid.

Working within an aircraft is unique, so you'll also need to meet the following criteria:

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • height between 163 - 183cm, or for QantasLink 158cm - 183cm
  • Australian or New Zealand permanent residency and a passport ensuring unrestricted access to all Qantas ports of call with at least 12 months validity
  • UK applicants must hold the legal right to live and work in the UK
  • an excellent level of health and fitness, such as being able to swim 50 metres fully clothed unassisted and tread water for 3 minutes
  • current Senior First Aid Certificate with a validity of 12 months at time of application
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol 'Statement of Attainment', which you would need to have by the end of the recruitment process
  • strong commitment to customer service with recent experience in a face-to-face role
  • demonstrated empathy in service with people from a variety of cultures and countries
  • a willingness to relocate, as required, to any location
  • experience in Food and Beverage service is an advantage
  • a demonstrated fluency in at least one of the following priority languages will offer a distinct advantage for our International cabin crew positions: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Mandarin or Cantonese. Your language skills would be utilised in assisting our customers with both service and safety information.

Training program requirements

Becoming a cabin crew member can be a challenging experience. There's so much new information to absorb and put to use in practical ways. It requires commitment, but that's what makes us strong, and you'll graduate with an invaluable set of new skills.

If you've been successful in the recruitment journey, you'll begin our full training program. You'll cover a range of topics - customer service, aviation first aid, aircraft and personal safety and emergency procedures. Training involves written and practical components you'll need to pass.

During training, you'll perform a number of safety procedures. For example, you'll be required to:

  • lift a 28kg aircraft window exit
  • deal with emergencies in a smoke-filled simulator
  • swim and assist people in the water
  • descend an escape slide, nine metres above the ground
  • fight fires while wearing a full face mask
  • control people in panic situations, and
  • move people with a disability in evacuations.

Who can I work for and where?

International from Australia

Qantas International Cabin Crew are proud to be the face of Qantas all over the world. With hundreds of flights operating each week on our long haul fleet, you'll be an essential part of the team, making sure every flight is as enjoyable, comfortable and safe as it can be.

Domestic within Australia

Being part of Qantas Domestic Cabin Crew means working across Australia and some of our neighbouring countries. You'll be operating on flights from our major domestic ports, delivering the type of genuine customer service we're known for.

Regional Australia

QantasLink Cabin Crew enjoys unique responsibilities, working solo or in a close-knit team and travelling to amazing regional destinations.

QantasLink connects business and leisure customers in regional centres with major cities around Australia and overseas. It's the country's largest regional airline and a key part of our Qantas Domestic network.

International from the UK

Qantas Cabin Crew UK Cabin Crew represent Qantas in the air and deliver best in class service and customer care ensuring the safety of Qantas customers whilst making them feel at home, even while they're thousands of feet in the air. Our Flight Attendants are the face of Qantas - taking what's best about Australia's lifestyle, attitude and people, and sharing it with the rest of the world. They're known for their absolute commitment to safety, genuine and engaging service, and confidence in dealing with a variety of situations.

Working as a Qantas UK Cabin Crew member presents some amazing lifestyle opportunities Our Cabin Crew operate ultra-long range flights on our A380-800 & B787-9 aircraft and whilst working on regular flights to Australia, you'll be based in London - perfect for exploring everything Europe has to offer, as well as carrying our Qantas spirit overseas.

Short haul and International long haul from New Zealand

Our Jetconnect short haul Cabin Crew members take pride in being the face of Qantas on trans-Tasman routes servicing more than 150 flights a week from Auckland and Wellington on B737 aircraft.

Our long haul Cabin Crew flies across the Qantas network in Australia and internationally to places like Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg. Based in Auckland, you'll be part of a crew that prides themselves on representing the best of Qantas across the world. 

Apply for New Zealand based Cabin Crew positions.

Cabin crew recruitment journey

When positions are available, we advertise them on our Qantas Careers and LinkedIn pages. If you’re interested in a rewarding and challenging career as a cabin crew member we encourage you to submit an application when positions become available at your preferred base.

You’ll be asked to submit an up-to-date resume and answer a short questionnaire around the requirements of the role so please ensure you review the required skills, experience and requirements before submitting an application. From here, your resume and answers will be reviewed. If you’re successful, we’ll be in touch to advise you of next steps. In most instances, successful applicants will be required to attend one of our assessment days and we’ll provide you with more information about what to expect and what to bring with you on the day.

For those candidates who are successful following our assessment day, we’ll then require satisfactory references, background checks and a medical assessment and clearance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a base that isn't currently advertised?

We understand location is a big factor when it comes to work. But we ask that you only submit an application for a base you're genuinely interested in, and to be sure you can commit to this base for at least 12 months.

Can I ask for feedback if I'm not successful?

Working for Qantas is a dream for many people because we're known for our opportunities and genuine work culture. Due to the high level of interest we receive, we aren't able to give individuals feedback on their applications, however we can provide general guidelines on our assessment tools and how to improve for next time.

We know how important personal development is, so we encourage our candidates to reflect on their entire recruitment journey in preparation for any future applications.

Can I reapply if I'm not successful?

We're open to people reapplying for our cabin crew positions. However, we require that you wait 12 months before doing so. This gives you the opportunity to fully prepare for your next application.

What is the cabin crew salary?

We'll give you all the information you need about salaries during our recruitment process. Our cabin crews are employed under Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

Will Qantas pay for me to relocate?

There can be a big lifestyle change that comes with being a Qantas Cabin Crew member, which sometimes means packing up and relocating. You'll have a new place to call home, and new friends to start your journey with. We don't pay for relocation costs, so we ask that you really consider what base you apply for - and whether or not you can realistically make the move.