Permanent bag tags - Q Bag Tags

The Q Bag Tag is a permanent bag tag where you can check in your baggage easily when flying within the Qantas Australian domestic network, streamlining your journey through the terminal.

Q bag tag

When you use a Q Bag Tag, you no longer need to attach a temporary baggage label each time you fly domestically - just drop your bags and go. What's more, if you check in online before arriving at the airport, you'll be able to go directly to the Bag Drop.

With a sleek design by Marc Newson, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises the details on your boarding pass or Qantas card with your baggage.

What you need to know

  1. You must declare any dangerous goods you're carrying before you check in.
  2. Q Bag Tags will not be replaced due to fair wear and tear.
  3. Under certain circumstances, Q Bag Tags which are faulty, lost or damaged may be replaced at Qantas’ discretion. Replacement of Q Bag Tags is not guaranteed. To find out if you qualify for a replacement, contact Qantas MarketplaceOpens in a new tab or window with full details. 

Important information

Disclaimer: * Not available at Cloncurry, Moranbah, Hamilton Island, Mount Hotham, Gladstone or Geraldton.