Claim Missing Points - Useful Tips

How to Locate Flight Information on your Boarding Pass

Boarding pass example

Airline Codes Available Online

You can claim for the following airlines online:

  • QF - Qantas/QantasLink
  • JQ - Jetstar
  • 3K - Jetstar Asia
  • GK - Jetstar Japan
  • BL - Jetstar Pacific
  • VF - Valuair*
  • AA - American Airlines
  • BA - British Airways
  • CX - Cathay Pacific
  • KA - Dragon Air
  • AY - Finnair
  • JP - Japan Airlines
  • JO - JALways
  • EG - Japan Asia Airways
  • JC - JAL Express
  • NU - Japan Transocean Air
  • LA - LAN
  • LP - LAN Peru
  • 4M - LAN Argentina
  • XL - LAN Ecuador
  • FJ - Fiji Airways
  • NF - Air Vanuatu
  • 9W - Jet Airways
  • TL - Air North
  • NC - National Jet
  • EK - Emirates
  • HG - Air Niki
  • MH - Malaysian Airlines

Note: The two letter airline code must match your travel documentation.

* Effective 26 October 2014, Jetstar Asia (3K) will take over operations of Valuair (VF) flights. Customers booked on the VF flight number will fly on the 3K flight number.

Claims for all other partner airlines need to be made to the Frequent Flyer Service Centre. View the Frequent Flyer contacts page for details. You will need to include original boarding passes, tickets or any other supporting documentation confirming your entitlement to the missing points.

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Passengers Name - Details Must Match

To claim online, the name you travelled under must match the last name and first initial in your Frequent Flyer Profile.

If your travel documentation has a different first initial or last name, contact the Frequent Flyer Service Centre for your claim.

Flight Number Format

To enter your flight number:

  1. Select the airline code from the airline code dropdown list.
  2. Enter your flight number using numbers only.

For example, if you travelled on QF85, select 'QF' from the airline code dropdown list, and then enter '85' in the flight number field.

Ticket Number Format

When entering your ticket number, ensure you enter it using numbers only and without spaces.

Your 16 digit ticket number will begin with:

  • 081 for Qantas Airways
  • 125 for British Airways
  • 160 for Cathay Pacific
  • 075 for Iberia

For example, a British Airways ticket number of 125 1234567891234 needs to be entered as 1251234567891234.

Check-in Sequence Number

A check-in sequence number is required for all Japan Transocean Air, JAL Express and Japan Airlines domestic flight claims. This is a 3 to 4 digit number and is printed on your boarding pass.

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