Award Types

At a glance comparison table
  Qantas & Partner Classic Awards Qantas & Jetstar Any Seat Awards
What can I book? Limited seats on:
  • Qantas
  • Jetstar
  • 37 partner airlines and affiliates
Any available seat on:
  • Qantas flights with a QF flight number
  • Jetstar flights
  • Limited seats on other selected airlines when combined with Qantas and Jetstar flights.^
Points required See Classic Award Tables. Variable - quoted at time of booking.
Points + Pay
  • Points only for domestic Australia and New Zealand.
  • Points from Award Tables plus money payment for surcharges, fees and taxes.
  • Points only.
  • Points Plus Pay.
Conditions* Classic Award conditions apply. See program terms and conditions.
  • Conditions vary.
  • Conditions advised at time of booking.
Airlines that can be in a single booking
  • Qantas, Jetstar and airline partners.
  • Qantas and Jetstar.
  • Limited seats on other selected airlines when combined with Qantas or Jetstar flights.^

See terms and conditions for full details.

* Key notes about Award Flights

There is no fixed relationship between the price charged by the applicable airline for a seat and the points required to redeem an Any Seat Award through Qantas Frequent Flyer and not all special promotional fares are available as Any Seat Awards. Fare conditions for Any Seat Awards are also different to the fare conditions applicable to cash fares. The points required for Qantas & Jetstar Any Seat Awards are variable and are only valid when quoted. If you delay your booking or do not proceed to make your booking at that time, the points quoted for your requested itinerary may change.

The number of Qantas & Partner Classic Award seats is limited. The number of seats available depends on the flight, date, season and destination. Some flights may not have any Classic Award seats available.

The seats made available for Classic Awards on Qantas flights may also be obtained through the Qantas & Jetstar Any Seat Award booking process (although points required are usually higher, and include taxed, fees and carrier charges). Different conditions apply to Any Seat Awards. Members can still choose to obtain those seats as Classic Awards in a separate booking.

A particular itinerary may be available as more than one Award Type (ie Qantas & Partner Classic Awards, or Qantas & Jetstar Any Seat Awards). Points required for each Award Type for the same itinerary may be different and each may have different fare conditions. The booking process for each Award Type may be different.

Award Flights must be booked at least 24 hours before scheduled departure (or earlier where required by the Fare Conditions). Some regional and overseas locations may require bookings up to 14 days in advance.

^ A limited number of seats on selected airline partners (as offered by Qantas at the time of booking) may be combined with your Qantas or Jetstar flights in a Qantas & Jetstar Any Seat Award. Airline partner flights which may be combined with Jetstar flights in an Any Seat Award are more limited than those which may be combined with Qantas flights.