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10 Million Competition Winners


Thank you to everyone who entered our 1 million points giveaway competition in partnership with News Corp Australia newspapers and websites, and The New Zealand Herald.

We asked you to tell us how 1 million Qantas Points would change your life, or the life of someone you know and we had an amazing response with some truly inspirational stories.

Congratulations to our 1 million Qantas Points winners whose stories were picked by our Frequent Flyer member judging panel.

Dan from NSW - winner of the Qantas Frequent Flyer prize


Dan's winning entry:

My 24 year old daughter Victoria is disabled. She suffers from Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP). Vikki is likely to be in a wheelchair by the age of 30. But this isn't a sob story. Vikki is passionate about travelling and working with disadvantaged kids. She has visited many places in the past 3 years e.g. as a support worker for special needs children in Queenstown, an Indigenous mentor for 'at risk' children in Australia, taught English to a tribe on the Thai/Burmese border and to disabled children in Ubud plus worked in an orphanage in Chang Mai. Vikki's travel and helping all these wonderful children will inevitably stop if/when she is confined to a wheelchair. A million Qantas Frequent Flyer points means she can travel extensively before this happens and positively affect many young lives.

Quote on winning: "That is absolutely fantastic, my daughter will be so delighted. She's a pretty special person and I'm extremely proud of her."

Jo from SA - winner of the Sunday Mail/Adelaide Advertiser prize


Jo's winning entry:

Our 9 year old daughter Aimee is about to undergo her 11th heart surgery in Melbourne in mid sept. The surgeons have told us this is going to be her biggest surgery with the most risk. If we won 1 million Qantas frequent flyer points it would mean that we could stay in some accommodation that was more private and not surrounded by the raw emotions of other families going through surgery too. It would also allow us to have a family holiday for our two beautiful girls to look forward to and hope for when the surgery is behind us. Aimee's biggest dream has always been to see the Eiffel Tower. The biggest lesson Aimee has taught us is that we need to live life now. Thankyou.

Quote on winning: "Please thank everyone. This is life changing"

Picture: Calum Robertson

Luke from VIC - winner of the Sunday Herald/Herald Sun prize


Luke's winning entry:

In a word - MASSIVELY, and how? Well where do I start? With my family of course, my beautiful wife and three little legend kids. Over the last two years we have had a roller coaster life, and the roller coaster forms how these points would change our lives. About 2 years ago my wife was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer which had spread. It's treatable, but not curable, so we have learnt to love life and live it to the fullest. Our kids have lived and breathed this journey with us, and it's heartbreaking to see kids deal with this emotionally. So these points will allow us to take them on the trip of a life time to Disneyland. So the roller coasters and all other attractions is what I was referring to earlier. It's a dream we have held forever, but with funds drained unachievable. We've learnt to live with the lows, but I would love for my family to experience the highs of the roller coaster. These points would allow us the time of our lives!!

Picture: Ian Wilson

Debbie from QLD - winner of the Sunday Mail/Courier Mail prize


Debbie's winning entry:

My husband and I have worked hard all our lives and had planned an around the world holiday this or next year as our sliding into early retirement plan. However we have been given custody of our three little grandchildren so any plans have been put aside. The world is a magical place and I know it would change all our lives if we could travel and explore it with our grandchildren. Something we will never be able to do on our own. We are teaching our grandchildren that anything is possible and that they have to work hard, be respectful and reach for the skies in everything they do. I believe traveling profoundly changes peoples lives forever. The opportunity to see history, wonders of the world and hear and learn different languages will open so many horizons for the future, this would be a major life changing experience particularly for the children.

Quote on my winning "I've never won anything in my whole life!"

Picture: Disney

Terri from NSW - winner of the Sunday Telegraph/Daily Telegraph prize


Terri's winning entry:

My daughter has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. This is where ever voluntary muscle in her body is weaker. She is confined to a wheelchair and is only 11. Charlotte is a twin and has an 9 year old sister. Charlotte's dream is to fly to Paris and have lunch on the Eiffel tower. As her primary carer this is not possible as I am on a carers pension and have given up my career to care for her. Winning the 1 million points would make it possible for my daughters dream to come true. The thought of us little country folk landing in Paris on the "kangaroo plane" (she called it that the only time she has ever flown) with a smile from charlotte that could light up Paris brings tears to my eyes. With 1 million points you can help me make happy memories for my children. Thankyou for reading my story.

Quote on winning: "We were just talking about going to see the Eiffel Tower this have no idea what this means!"

Picture: Rachel Sherman

Janine from TAS - winner of the Sunday Tasmanian/Hobart Mercury prize


Janine's winning entry:

When our Jack was born in 1997, we were over the moon. 24 hours later we were left devastated as he was rushed to surgery. 12 days later our lives changed forever when Jack was diagnosed with the life shortening genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis. My husband and I decided very early in Jacks life that we wouldn't aim to live in a mansion and drive flashy cars, we wanted him to see and experience the world while he was well enough to do so. We have managed to work hard and save to take Jack on 3 trips so far, but there is still so much of the world we want him to experience. 1 million QANTAS frequent flyer points would allow us to show him more than we could have ever dreamed. When Jacks time comes we want him to be able to look back on the amazing things he had seen, people he had met and the experiences we have shared as a family.

Picture: Richard Jupe

Faith from NT - winner of the Sunday Territorian/NT News prize


Faith's winning entry:

If I won 1 million Qantas Points I'd fly my elderly mother (she's 71) over to Germany for her sister's (my aunt's) 70th birthday in Feb 2015 in Qantas Business Class. Mum has never been overseas before and I'd love for her to be able to go to this special family gathering, and also for her to see Germany where her great-grandfather came from. She really wants to go, and was giggling with excitement when she first mentioned the prospect of going to me, but now she feels she doesn't want to be a burden on anyone paying for her or having to go with her, and she keeps putting me off whenever I mention it. And one of her excuses is that she can't sit for a long-haul flight, thus Business Class! She doesn't understand that it would be such a joy for me to help her get over there just once in her life! And if I won the points, and thus the flights, then I think she'd be happy to accept! Any help you could give would be so appreciated!

Picture: Justin Brierty

Denise from WA - winner of the Sunday Times prize


Denise's winning entry:

To see the world with Qantas would be a dream come true to my 87 year old Mum who is a fit healthy adventurous lady, together with my family I would love to be able to share her dream. Full Circle Therapies is a not for profit organisation that supports children and families with autism, I am on the board and would love to be able to donate points to help fly our support staff from Perth as this is a huge ongoing cost for us. This would enable us to help more children on the autistic spectrum. I also work for the Ngaanyatjarra Lands school which has 350 indigenous students, it would be wonderful to be able to fly two students to an AFL game as it would be a dream come true for them and who knows maybe an AFL career!

"I can't wait to call the school!" "My head's spinning!"

Picture: Travis Anderson

Kieran - winner of the prize

Kieran's winning entry:

I am close friends with Melissa and Michael Duffy who have a 3 year old daughter named Emma who has a very rare complex condition called Sturge Webber Syndrome. Emma has spent a lot of her young life in the Royal Childrens Hospital, with countless ward admissions, a number of operations and weekly specialist appointments. The Duffy's have informed me that here is a foundation in America that is centred on research and support for this syndrome that is holding a 3 day conference in Chicago in July 2015, aimed at bringing children and parents together from all over the world that are dealing with this rare syndrome. In typical Duffy style, they want to enter this competition not only to get themselves to Chicago to provide potentially life changing support to Emma, but also to get 2 other Australian families that are dealing with this condition there as well.

Quote on winning: "They'll be over the moon!"
"It's a credit to the competition that this can help someone that needs it so much."

Claudia - winner of The New Zealand Herald prize

Claudia's winning entry:

Gift the points to my South African family to fly to NZ to meet their Kiwi grandson/nephew for the first time - and for 3 little cousins to finally meet in person instead of on video Skype!

Thankyou to News Corp Australia for these fantastic pictures of our winners.

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