Using Points Calculator Help

Qantas & Partner Classic Awards

The Using Points calculator shows the points needed to travel between selected cities on Qantas, partner and oneworld ® airlines.

To start your search, select if you are travelling one way or return.

If you need to travel to different cities on your return flight, you will need to do two one way searches.

Choose one way or return

Select the city where you will start your trip.

Select your From city

You can then select up to a maximum of six cities you wish to travel to.

If the calculator is unable to provide points information for the cities you selected, you will be prompted to add an additional city in as a transfer city. This will assist the calculator in finding a valid routing. If you are not sure of the transfer city you can find it through the online timetable.

Select your destinations

The stopover box is automatically ticked for each city selected. If you do not require a stopover and are connecting to another flight, ensure that the stopover box is not ticked. For more information on stopovers click on the stopover link.

Select if you want a stopover

Select a travel class.

Select your travel class

Once you have entered all the details click on 'Go' to return your points calculation.

The Using Points calculation includes:

  • total points needed for the trip,
  • travel class,
  • total miles, and
  • a suggested routing.

Next to the flights there are symbols that indicate who operates the flight. To find out what airline operates the flight roll your mouse over the symbol.

Operating airline example