Flight notifications explained

About Flight status and notifications

You can view up-to-date departure and arrival information for Qantas, QantasLink, Jetstar and selected oneworld© and partner airline flights.

For flights operated by Qantas and QantasLink, you’ll see a link on the flight status results page to sign up for departure and/or arrival flight status notifications. Once setup, you'll start receiving notifications:

  • when the flight departs and/or lands
  • if the departure or arrival time changes by more than 7 minutes
  • if the flight has been cancelled. In this situation you'll need to contact the person travelling to find out their new flight details
  • if the flight is diverted or returns to the gate. In this situation we'll redirect you to the flight status page for any further details. 

If you're travelling with us

To make sure Qantas can contact you wherever you are, update your booking with your current email address and mobile number via manage booking.

We'll use the mobile number that's in your booking, or the number stored in your Frequent Flyer profile, to send information about your flight. We'll only send an SMS notification if you are travelling on a Qantas, QantasLink, Qantas Codeshare or Partner airline flight, and:

  • we know more than one hour before your domestic flight that there'll be a delay of greater than 30 minutes
  • we know more than one hour before your international flight that there'll be a delay of greater than 60 minutes
  • your domestic or international flight is cancelled more than 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time
  • your flight has been rescheduled to a time earlier than originally planned. 

If your flight is with Jetstar, is a charter flight or is one of the excluded flights listed in the terms and conditions you will not receive notifications.

If you receive a flight notification from us

Don't text or reply to the phone number that delivers your flight notification as it's used to deliver messages only. If you have a question you can speak to one of our friendly team members in your local Qantas office