Canadian rocky mountains and Joffre Lakes in summer
Joffre Lakes


Lose yourself in Canada’s vast, pristine wilderness and vibrant culture. You’ll meet roaming wildlife along the way, traverse rugged mountains and cruise coastlines adorned with historic lighthouses. Seek out iconic turquoise lakes, majestic waterfalls, vibrant cities and world-class ski resorts and create memories you’ll be telling for a lifetime. Start planning now with our travel guide.

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Where to go

When you're looking for an adventure holiday in Canada, we'll fly you to some of the best destinations across the region. Whether you're chasing snowfields in Whistler, the stunning Lake Louise in Banff or hiking in Vancouver, there's an action packed holiday waiting for everyone. 

Explore Toronto Toronto


Perched on the tip of Lake Ontario, Toronto’s blend of eclectic neighbourhoods, downtown scene and events make it an exciting urban destination. A platform for contemporary art, music and theatre, Canada’s largest city boasts an innovative multicultural food scene and endless outdoor adventures to suit every interest.

Spend a day at the beach on the Toronto Islands, discover boutique shopping along Queen Street West and take a day trip to Niagara Falls. Whether you stay for a weekend or a week, Toronto will always have you coming back for more.

Explore Toronto
Discover Montreal Montreal


An irresistible mix of old and new, Montreal is a captivating fusion of European history, multicultural neighbourhoods and cosmopolitan offerings. Above all, Montreal is beautiful. Wander the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal and immerse yourself in Gothic-Revival architecture, avant-garde art and centuries-old landmarks.

Let your tastebuds do the walking and discover the distinct flavours of each neighbourhood alongside traditional favourites like smoked meats and bagels. Walk, bike or boat the breathtaking waterfront of Old Port, and picnic on Mount Royal, a bona fide mountain in the heart of downtown.

Discover Montreal
Visit Vancouver Vancouver couple in snow


A gateway city on the edge of nature, Vancouver is a place where you can go from mountains to beach all in one day. With multicultural neighbourhoods, an innovative culinary scene and outdoor adventures, Vancouver connects people and inspires with its beauty and character.

Explore Vancouver and take advantage of the proximity to some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Immerse yourself in a city where the skyline of glass towers reflects the majesty of the ocean and coastal mountains. 

Visit Vancouver


Bears, moose, mountains, lakes and the country's distinctive mounted police force are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Canada. But let's not forget the extraordinary meals, cool culture and unique blend of history. There's a whole lot more to Canada than what you might expect, you just have to know where to look. Explore the best of Canadian travel with Travel InsiderOpens in a new tab or window

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