Our people

Our commitment to people, culture and leadership.

Our approach

Every employee in the Qantas Group is a custodian of our reputation for excellence and integrity, with a responsibility to uphold the standards and values we represent. We aim to build an inclusive, diverse and resilient culture to maximise engagement and performance so that the Qantas Group remains a network of ‘employers of choice’ in Australia.

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Central to that are the Qantas Group beliefs – our shared commitment to delivering business goals and creating a great environment to work in. They are:

  • Everyone has the right to return home safely.
  • Customers determine our success.
  • Being a fit, agile and diverse organisation drives innovation and simplicity.
  • Working together in an inclusive manner always delivers the optimal group outcome.
  • Each employee deserves respect, trust and good leadership.

Our Group beliefs frame our culture internally and our role as corporate citizen more broadly. These beliefs are used by management to shape the policies and procedures that define how our workplace operates.

The deeper challenge is to encourage employees to connect what they do with how they go about it in accordance with the Group’s beliefs. Our reward and recognition system is built around the beliefs and values, and over 40,000 nominations of ‘employees by employees’ were made during FY18 – helping to reinforce the Group behaviours in the process. We have developed a leadership toolkit around the employee lifecycle and incorporated it into leadership development days. 

We test the strength of our culture through annual employee surveys and analysis of retention and turnover, using the insights to find out what's important to our employees and how we can keep improving. Both Qantas and Jetstar have introduced engagement and culture-focused training programs. 

Learn more about our key initiatives in FY18.

People experience

People experience encapsulates what people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey within the Qantas Groups. In order to enable our people to do the best work of their lives the newly formed Qantas Group People Experience Strategy places our people our people at the centre of our thinking process.

Through empowerment and meaningful design, the strategy focusses on providing our people with comprehensive products and services that match their needs at every step of their employee journey so that they can deliver exceptional customer service and business value. This includes providing the right training, tools, equipment and services and building a diverse and inclusive environment where our people thrive.

Inclusion and diversity

Our inclusion and diversity strategy is focused on driving an improved people experience (and, in turn, better business outcomes) by removing barriers to inclusion and creating greater opportunities for participation. We do this by mitigating unconscious bias and improving access to flexibility, talent programs and dedicated leadership development, including:

  • Mitigating unconscious bias. We know that reviewing policies and processes to remove bias is a critical part of successful inclusion.
  • Our Flex@Q program continues to drive the adoption of flexible working across the organisation and complements other business initiatives (e.g. reducing absenteeism and activity-based working).
  • Investing in the development of female talent with our Inspire and Aspire programs, which are aimed at developing talent and building a strong pipeline for the future. We achieved our goal of 35 per cent women in senior leadership and have sent ourselves a new target of 38 per cent by June 2021.
  • Providing opportunities through our Indigenous employment programs and pathways through our School-based Trainees program, CareerTracker internship program and our community partnerships.
  • Having the courage to step up. Through our Nancy Bird Walton program we’ve made a long-term commitment to gender diversity for Australian Aviation; or
  • External partnerships with organisations such as Male Champions of Change, Chief Executive Women and the Power of Engineering.

Find out more about our strategy and key focus areas (PDF).