Benefits of connecting to the Qantas Distribution Platform

The Qantas Distribution Platform enables our travel agencies to deliver innovative, enhanced customer experiences, facilitating distinct benefits that span Tailored Offerings, Customer Loyalty Recognition, Best Available Offers and Seamless Servicing.

Qantas will be collaborating with our travel agencies to shape the future roadmap of enhanced content, customer offers, functionality and innovative customer experiences, which will deliver increasing value to our mutual customers.

Tailored offereings

Tailored Offerings

Being able to recognise our mutual customers enables us to know their preferences and provide an offer which is relevant to them. The Qantas Distribution Platform will provide travel agencies with the ability to present customers at the time of booking with:

  • Niche and specialty market offers.
  • Seamless Corporate and Qantas Business Rewards’ fares management. 
  • Ancillary offers and bundled service options.
  • Access to seat maps and baggage allowance based on Qantas Frequent Flyer status.
  • A personalised offer, with the opportunity to showcase inclusions and relevant add-ons.
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Recognition

Recognising customer loyalty, and associated benefits is essential to customer retention. The Qantas Distribution Platform has the capability to recognise and present our mutual customers with:

  • Frequent Flyer tier status recognition.
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer points and status credit eligibility.
  • Access to special price offers for Frequent Flyers.
  • Transparency on how many points will be earned on each eligible offer, demonstrating value at the point of sale.
Best available offer

Best Available Offer

Being able to present our mutual customers with the best available offer based on their search enquiry is essential to remain competitive. Your customers will have access to all Qantas published and eligible private fares^ through the Qantas Distribution Platform, and with Qantas constructing the Offer the risk of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) for incorrectly constructed fares is significantly reduced, assuring our mutual customers accuracy and transparency in the booking process.

Qantas Distribution Platform capabilities will include rich content imagery and videos, branded fare rules, and the enablement of booking changes and servicing via Trade Partner technology.

seemless servicing

Seamless Servicing

Presenting rich, accurate information about Qantas Products and Services ensures our mutual customers can make informed purchasing decisions based on value and equips agents with the detail they need to provide the right recommendation to the customer.

By providing an end-to-end solution for intelligent retailing, we help reduce complexity when comparing multiple airlines, ancillary options and bundles, and enhance the agent’s ability to support customers with post booking changes and servicing.

Important Information

^Private fares include negotiated corporate fares