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Getting to the airport is easy with this special offer for permanent residents of Germany.

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Things to know

If you're travelling on a Qantas ticket from Germany, take advantage of the German Railway network (Deutsche Bahn-DB) to connect to or from your Qantas flight, and add a train ticket to get to your departure airport and back home.

This offer is valid to/from any train station within the DB network, but excludes journeys that are entirely within the metropolitan network areas.

Please note:

  • For departures up to and including 24 March 2018, the Rail&Fly offer is not available for travel via London. From 25 March 2018 Rail&Fly can be used for travel via London.
  • Rail&Fly can be used when departing from Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. From 25 March 2018 it may also be used for flights from Berlin, Hanover and Stuttgart
  • Available for passengers with permanent residence in Germany
  • Valid on all rail services of DB (inclusive of ICE), except DB-Autozug, DB-Nachtzug and chartered trains.
  • Full flexibility of tickets on specified travel days, no need to pre-select trains. 
  • Children from the age of 2 need to hold a valid Rail&Fly ticket.
  • Passengers in Economy or Premium Economy are entitled to use 2nd class compartments on Deutschen Bahn, while passengers of Business or First will travel in 1st class on Deutschen Bahn.
  • Please allow enough time to connect from train to plane and vice versa, at least 2 hours. Qantas does not take responsibility for any missed connection related to Rail&Fly.
  • Unused tickets are non-refundable.
  • Timetable information is available at www.bahn.de or via phone 08001/507090 

How to book

To automatically include the Rail & Fly option with your booking, search for flights departing from Railway Germany, Deutschland (QYG). 

For multi-city bookings, choose the Railway Germany, Deutschland (QYG) option as both your initial departure city, as well as your arrival city following your last flight.

Collecting your tickets

Once your ticket is issued, you'll receive two e-mails from us: one containing a copy of your flight e-ticket and one with your itinerary, including two pick-up numbers (one per direction) for your train tickets.

You can collect your train tickets from 72 hours before departure.

There are two options to print your Rail & Fly ticket for travel on Deutsche Bahn trains to the airport:

  • print@home:
    Visit the Access Rail Opens external site in a new windowcheck in page and simply enter your name and your booking code or Qantas ticket number. Should you lose this ticket you are able to re-print it again from this website.
  • Collect at the station:
    Alternatively, you can collect your train ticket from any of the 7,000 DB ticket machines located at train stations. Just press 'Gesamtes Angebot', select the 'Rail&Fly' section, then enter the pick-up number we have e-mailed to you.

Note: If you have printed your ticket form the online system, then it's not possible to also print your ticket at the train station. 

Frequently asked questions

Which documents do I need on board the train?
On board your Deutsche Bahn train, you'll need to present your printed Rail & Fly ticket, your printed Qantas e-ticket and your passport.

Can I use all trains offered by Deutsche Bahn?
Your Rail & Fly ticket is valid on all regular Deutsche Bahn trains - ICE, EC, IC, IRE, RE, RB, S, except for DB-car trains, charter trains and DB-night trains. For trains that require a mandatory reservation and express-surcharge (some ICE Sprinter services), your Rail & Fly ticket is only valid in connection with that reservation and surcharge.

When is my train ticket valid?
The Rail & Fly ticket is valid on your departure day plus the day before. On your return to Germany, your ticket is valid from your arrival day plus the day after. A maximum of 12 months is allowed from departure to arrival.

Can I reserve a seat?
Seat reservations can be purchased online at the Deutche BahnOpens external site in a new window website or at any Deutsche Bahn ticket counter.

What if I've lost my ticket?
If you chose the print@home option, you can reprint your ticket from the Access RailOpens external site in a new window check in page, otherwise you'll need to purchase a new ticket.