Meet our Graduates

Ben, Manager, Network & Alliance Development
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering & Commerce - 2018 Finance Graduate

Tell us about the Rotations you worked in. Were there any key highlights?

Across my four rotations I worked in the Loyalty Finance Team, Network Finance, QantasLink Centre of Financial Excellence team, and the QantasLink Finance and Strategy team. I think each rotation had their highlights, but the best part was that each rotation had unique differences and when you start to put them all together, you can see how the full picture of Qantas works. My personal highlight was working with the Network team helping to launch new routes and develop new methodologies and processes to improve commercial performance. I liked it so much that when I finished the grad program, I was lucky enough to get a job in the team.

How was your development supported as a Qantas Graduate?

We had great support from across the business through either your direct managers and mentors, but also everyone in the business. Everyone was very open to catching up and talking about their business area and helping you learn and develop skills that you could take back into your department to help everyone improve. I think some of the best examples of these were some of the Graduate forums where we would learn about very specific parts of the business or fundamental professional skills to use in our everyday job. I think importantly, the dedicated graduate program managers are always there to help guide you to where you see you need development. There is always someone to help when needed and keep you growing. 

What was your biggest misconception about working for an airline?

I think the biggest misconception was about how truly complex an airline is when you’re on the inside compared to what seems very simple when you are a customer. When you’re just a customer you head online, buy your ticket, rock up to the airport, drop your bags, go through security and then a few hours later are in a completely different place. However, what you don’t see and was interesting to learn, was the hundreds of micro decisions and processes that are going on in the background in order to make that journey seem so simple. When you get into the detail it is fascinating how complex the systems are to manage such a large and global operation.

Advice for those looking to apply for the Qantas Graduate Program?

The great thing about Qantas is that there is such a diverse set of areas within the business that there is likely a place where your skills and personality fit perfectly. So, when applying I think the best thing you can do is to make sure that you are considering what are those skills, personality traits, lifetime experience that you can bring that others may not have. Qantas can only continue to be successful with new ideas and that comes through having a whole bunch of different people with different ways of thinking.