Digitalisation and big data

Responding to the rise of digital connectivity and big data.


The rise of digital connectivity and big data has been called a new industrial revolution. Flexible cloud computing, data collection and intelligent analytics are evolving how organisations meet customer needs, develop better operational insights and create new sources of value. These new capabilities have lowered the barriers for ‘digital native’ organisations that don’t carry the weight of process, workforce or technical legacy, to disrupt incumbent organisations.

For airlines, digital is already reshaping everything from flight planning systems to customer service and distribution channels. The most profound changes are probably still to come. In the short-term, this digital revolution requires airlines to invest in new technologies and digital skill-sets. Longer term, airlines need to become more agile and digitally-literate, capable of harnessing technological breakthroughs when they appear. For airlines that get it right, the opportunities are immense.

How Qantas is responding

The Qantas Group's investment in digital and data capability is about creating a better experience for customers through personalisation, driving new efficiencies into our operations, and broadening our Group's earnings base beyond the core aviation business.

  • We are using advanced analytics to increase fuel efficiency through 4D flight planning, and to resolve passenger disruptions more rapidly.
  • We are investing in a booking, travel, and customer support experience that is digitally enabled from end to end, and capable of customisation along the way.
  • Qantas Loyalty is launching new digitally-led businesses in health, financial services and retail that provide new avenues for growth.
  • We continue to investigate new frontiers using big data and technology like Perth-London and Project Sunrise. 
  • We are investing in early and growth stage technology companies that can leverage the Qantas Group's global footprint, expertise and unique assets to scale.
  • We are building coordinated enterprise-wide data security and privacy strategies and frameworks to ensure we continue to provide appropriate safeguards for the data we manage.