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Partnering for the future of flying

For over a decade, we’ve been building one of the world’s largest carbon offsetting programs, and now we’re helping to drive the development of Australia’s emerging sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry.

A commitment to Australia’s sustainable aviation fuel market

Climate action is more effective together, which is why Qantas and Airbus have entered into a landmark agreement, under which Qantas and Airbus together are committing to invest up to US$200 million to accelerate the establishment of a SAF industry in Australia.

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We are targeting to use 10 per cent SAF in our overall fuel mix by 2030 as part of our interim targets from our Climate Action Plan. We see great value in partnering with Airbus to invest in locally developed and produced SAF and feedstock initiatives.
Projects will have to be commercially viable and meet a strict set of criteria around environmental sustainability. 

Interested in joining us on the journey to driving development of Australia's SAF industry?

Learn more about how your company can join us on our journey to driving the development of the domestic SAF industry, elevate your sustainability credentials and drive a more sustainable future for aviation.

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