Menu Select terms and conditions

  1. You must be travelling on an eligible Qantas operated international service.
  2. Menu Select is available to Business, Premium Economy and Economy customers travelling on a confirmed commercial ticket on selected flights. The list of eligible flights may be updated from time to time, and Qantas reserves the right to add or remove eligible flights without notice.

Menu Select is available on the following flights:

Route paths, flight numbers and cabin class where menu select is available
Route flying between Flight number Cabin
Australia and London Heathrow QF1, QF2, QF9, QF10 Business and Premium Economy
QF1, QF9 Economy (Australia to Singapore and London only)
Australia and Los Angeles QF11, QF12, QF15, QF16, QF17, QF18, QF55, QF56, QF93, QF94, QF95, QF96
Business, Premium Economy and Economy
Australia and Dallas Fort Worth QF7, QF8
Business, Premium Economy and Economy
Australia and San Francisco QF49, QF50, QF59, QF60, QF73, QF74
Business, Premium Economy and Economy
Australia and Hong Kong QF29, QF30, QF97, QF98, QF117, QF118, QF127, QF128
QF30, QF97, QF98, QF127, QF128
Premium Economy
QF29, QF97, QF117, QF127
Australia and Singapore QF1, QF2, QF35, QF36, QF37, QF38, QF51, QF52, QF71, QF72, QF81, QF82
QF1, QF2, QF35, QF36 Premium Economy
QF1, QF35, QF37, QF51, QF71, QF81
Australia and Tokyo (Haneda and Narita) QF25, QF26, QF61, QF62, QF79, QF80
QF25, QF26
Premium Economy
QF25, QF61, QF79 Economy
Sydney and Honolulu QF3, QF4 Business, Premium Economy and Economy
Sydney and Shanghai QF129, QF130
Sydney and Osaka QF33, QF34 Business
QF33 Economy
Sydney and Sapporo QF39 Business
Sydney and Beijing QF107, QF108 Business
QF107 Economy
Sydney and Manila QF19, QF20
QF19 Economy
Sydney and Bangkok QF23, QF24
Sydney and Jakarta QF41, QF42
Sydney and Johannesburg QF63, QF64
Business and Premium Economy
Sydney and Santiago QF27, QF28 Business and Premium Economy
QF27 Economy

3. The Menu Select service is available via manage booking, and requests can be made or changed between 7 days and 12 hours prior to departure.

4. While Qantas will make reasonable efforts to fulfil all meal requests, meal choices cannot be guaranteed.

5. If you change your flight or departure date then your request will be cancelled. You must re-submit your order via manage booking.

6. If Qantas changes your flight or departure date then Qantas will endeavour to fulfil your order as originally made. However, for operational reasons your meal choice may not be available on your new flight.

7. Menu Select is separate from the special meal options for dietary requirements. If you require a special meal order please make this choice via manage booking.

8. If you have already chosen a special meal or a special meal is loaded in your profile then you will not be eligible to pre-order your meal unless the special meal is removed from the profile. If both orders appear in your booking your Menu Select order will be cancelled.

9. If you have chosen 'No meal - maximise my rest' and you change your mind then Qantas will still offer refreshment items onboard however a full meal may not be available for you.

10. Qantas reserves the right to make changes and substitute ingredients that may become unavailable due to operational circumstances.

11. Meals served onboard may differ in appearance from the images of the same meals on

12. If you have pre-ordered a meal and change your mind onboard then crew will make reasonable endeavours to accommodate your change, however they may not be able to fulfil your request to provide an alternative full meal.

Important information

Disclaimer: * Menu select is offered on the following flights for Premium Economy when the operating aircraft includes a Premium Economy cabin.