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Russell Falls. Photo credit: Jason Charles Hill

It may be Australia’s smallest state, but it’s an island that always has something vibrant and exciting to offer. With unique guided wilderness experiences, colourful local characters to meet and a haunting convict history to explore, in addition to its burgeoning reputation as a foodie playground, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a visit to this curious isle.

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Tasmania’s Western Wilds

Introducing Tasmania’s Western Wilds: a multi-day journey into the intriguing wilderness stories of western Tasmania.

The stories of the Western Wilderness are both about the physical beauty, nature and landscape, and the number of extraordinary human stories within the area. These stories stem from the regions history and culture, pioneering courage and visions that to this day live on in the landscapes, towns and places within the Western Wilds.

Qantas and Tourism Tasmania sent Xavier Rudd, Marny Kennedy and Taj Burrows to the Western Wilds to get out of the city and switch off and get back to nature in the Western Wilds, and go on flight mode. Follow their #QantasFlightMode journey.

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About the Western Wilds

Tasmania’s west is globally recognised for its wilderness landscapes – the rainforests and alpine plains, imposing mountains and deep glacial valleys, wild rivers and windswept coasts and the unique flora and fauna of the UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Wherever the wilderness experience lies – whether that is on a four-day mountain trek, guided wilderness tours, harbour cruises or train journeys – Tasmania’s wilderness stories exist

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Wukalina Walk, Tasmania
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Thalia Haven
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Walls of Jerusalem National Park