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Classic Upgrade Rewards

Use your points to add a little luxury to your next flight. Experience one of our premium cabins with a Classic Upgrade Reward.

Classic Upgrade Rewards can now be requested in the Qantas App.

How to request a Classic Upgrade Reward


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Log in at, go to ‘Bookings’ and select ‘Upgrade’ for your chosen booking, or request an upgrade in the Qantas App

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Upgrades can be requested up to 10 hours before departure on international flights and up to 5 hours on domestic flights

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For some international flights, you can opt-in to be eligible for an Upgrade Reward up to the gate - this will give you the best chance of an upgrade 

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Check the status of your upgrade request at and in your flight details within the Qantas App - where possible we’ll notify you with an SMS (conditions apply)

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How many Qantas Points do I need?

Discover how many points you'll need to upgrade your next trip with our upgrade calculator. Alternatively you can view the Classic Upgrade Reward tables.

Tips for Classic Upgrade Rewards

Make sure your e-ticket has been issued

You need to have an eligible paid and confirmed ticket on a Qantas flight with a Qantas (QF) flight number on your ticket. 

Ensure you have enough points for the upgrade

Members must have enough points for the Classic Upgrade Reward at the time they request it and when the upgrade is confirmed. Top-up points and family transfers may assist in ensuring that enough points are available.

Missed your chance to request an upgrade on a domestic flight?

You can use your Qantas Points to request a Domestic On Departure Upgrade Reward from three hours before your flight departs, after checking in. 

Family Transfers

Need more points? Or got some to spare? Keep Qantas Points in the family with Family Transfers – it’s a great way to boost points balances instantly. Conditions apply.

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How Upgrade Reward requests are processed

Classic Upgrade Reward requests are prioritised based on several factors as determined by Qantas including your original booked cabin and your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership tier. Upgrade requests will be reviewed as follows:

Classic Upgrade Reward registrations
Membership tier Domestic Upgrades International Upgrades
Platinum One Within three days of the scheduled flight departure Within seven days of the scheduled flight departure
Platinum Within three days of the scheduled flight departure Within three days of the scheduled flight departure
Gold, Silver, Bronze Within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure Within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure

It may not be possible to confirm your international Classic Upgrade Reward according to the timetable above even if seats are available for sale in the upgrade cabin due to expected future commercial passenger demand.

If your upgrade is confirmed, it will be noted in 'Bookings' at and in your flight details within the Qantas App. Where possible we’ll notify you with an SMS (conditions apply). You’ll also be informed when you check-in to your flight at the airport. Qantas Points will be deducted from your account when your upgrade is confirmed.

Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards

If you’re a Platinum One, Platinum, Gold, Qantas Club or Points Club Plus member, you can enjoy the exclusive ability to request a last-minute upgrade within three hours of departure.

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Add your domestic flight to 'Your Trips' in the Qantas App. You'll need your booking reference and last name.

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Simply check-in to your flight from 24 hours before departure.

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If available, you'll be given the option to 'Request Upgrade' in the Qantas App from three hours before departure. If successful, your upgrade will be confirmed on the spot. Conditions apply.

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