over water bungalows in Moorea

French Polynesia

Paradise is waiting. Crystal clear blue waters, moss-green peaks, warm lagoons waters, laid back island culture with all the best bits of French history. Bring the images to reality and plan a holiday to the French Polynesian islands with our travel guide.

Travel guide

Luxury escapes

Mention the word 'Tahiti' and your mind drifts to inviting beaches, palms fronds swaying in the warm breeze and crystal clear waters.

The largest of the 118 islands that make up French Polynesia in the central Southern Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is known around the world for its overwater bungalows, spas, snorkelling, diving and romance. Alongside its equally famous sister island of Bora Bora and less well known (but equally fabulous) Moorea, these islands make for some of the most spectacular and luxurious holidays going.

Plus they're easier to get to than you might imagine, with weekly flights from Australia via New Zealand with Air Tahiti Nui.