Qantas Centenary Dreamliner

The evolution of our logo

From a simple black typeface and a map of Australia with wings, to our iconic Flying Kangaroo, our logos have evolved and grown, just like us. 

Our logos through the years

Take a look as we guide you through the journey of how our logos have evolved since in our incorporation in 1920.

Qantas logo from 1920 to 1930

Our beginning - 1930

Things looked quite different in 1920. The airline’s first name was briefly ‘Western Queensland Auto Aero Services Limited’, so this logo could just as easily have read WQAASL.

Qantas logo from 1930 to 1944

1930 - 1944

In 1930, Qantas’ logo gained its wings, taking the airline through its early years in the lead up to becoming an international airline. In 1935, Qantas’ first international flights departed for Singapore.

Qantas logo from 1944 to 1947

1944 - 1947

In 1944, Qantas added this emblem to its flights across the Indian Ocean. The design was based on the penny coin and was known as the Kangaroo Service.

Qantas logo from 1947 to 1968

1947 - 1968

When this logo was unveiled in 1947, the penny kangaroo was hopping the globe. It took passengers on the famous ‘kangaroo route’ and through the dawn of the jet age.

Qantas logo from 1968 to 1984

1968 - 1984

Qantas acquired this bold new look in 1968, when our Boeing 707s were flying our customers around the world in comfort and style, and the era of the jumbo jet was near.

Qantas logo from 1984 to 2007

1984 - 2007

While the logo lost its wings in 1984, the kangaroo was still flying further than ever, taking to the skies in the iconic red tail that reminds all Australians of home.

Qantas logo from 2007 to 2016

2007 - 2016

In 2007, Qantas unveiled a new interpretation of its iconic logo, designed to reflect the changing structure of the airline's new generation aircraft, the A380, and keeping with Qantas' increasing focus on contemporary design for its in-flight and on-the-ground products.

Qantas logo from 2016 to present

2016 - present

The flying kangaroo got a new spin in 2016 – a modern, streamlined look to symbolise a new era and a new generation of Qantas aircraft: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Qantas Centenary logo


A special Centenary logo was created to commemorate our 100th year in the skies.