Paddleboarders on Sunshine Coast at sunset

Adventure Holidays

Want to combine your passion with your next holiday destination? There’s no better place to do that than in Australia, with magical waterways and coastline along with spectacular mountains and countryside. Let us take you there to experience the ultimate adventure holiday. 

Water Sports

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With 37,000 kilometres of coastline, it's easy to understand why Australia is renowned globally for its surf. Offering pristine beaches, reefs and point breaks, surfers of all levels will be spoilt for choice to find that perfect wave.

  • Visit Sydney and surf the world-famous beaches of Bondi or Manly — or if you prefer to go more local, try Maroubra, Freshwater or Palm Beach. Find flights to Sydney.
  • A visit to Byron Bay wouldn't be complete without surfing the famous breaks of Broken Head Beach and The Pass. Find flights to Ballina (Byron).
  •  Margaret River not only offers great wine, but it's a hotspot for surfing with fewer crowds, crystal clear water and amazing surf breaks. Find flights to Perth and drive 3 hours south to access. 
  • Bells Beach, Victoria offers a world-class surf break and attracts many surfers from around the world. Located 1 hour from Melbourne. Find flights to Melbourne
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Kayaking and canoeing

Whether it's paddling along the coastline or navigating through the inland rivers, Australia offers countless kayaking and canoeing experiences for everyone.

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Search flights Sail boat near Fitzroy Island, Queensland


Sailing in Australia is an experience like no other. Whether you have your own boat or looking to charter one, you can’t go past some of Australia’s magical coastline and waterways, offering pristine waters and memorable marine experiences.

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Search flights Mother and daughter snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkelling and diving

Whether you prefer diving and going deeper or snorkelling along the surface of the water, Australia is undeniably a mecca for underwater marine life.

  • The Great Barrier is one of the most well-known and beautiful natural phenomena in the world. A highlight, the Low Isles off Port Douglas, is a four-acre coral cay surrounded by 55 acres of reefy brilliant turquoise water with an abundance of sea life and coral. Find flights to Cairns.
  • Montague IslandOpens in a new tab or window, a protected nature reserve on the South Coast of New South Wales is home to a colony of fur seals and thousands of little penguins. Find flights to Sydney or Merimbula.
  • The Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia houses over 500 species of fish, graceful manta rays, and turtles to view as you glide over 300 varieties of coral. It's also one of the few places to swim with whale sharks, a truly memorable experience. Find flights to Exmouth.
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Multi-day hikes

From the desert to the tropics or the beach to mountain peaks, Australia offers pristine guided and unguided hiking opportunities. 

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Single day hikes

With stunning natural landscapes along with an endless spectacular coastline, Australia is a hiker's paradise.

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From the inner city to the remote bush, Australia has some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes, often best viewed on a bike.

  • If wanting a challenge, the 16 kilometre climb to Mount Buller in Victoria is one of the most picturesque rides in Australia with amazing views and landscapes, ending in the quaint Alpine Village. Find flights to Melbourne and drive approximately 3 hours to Mount Buller. 
  • For a leisurely island experience, Rottnest Island near Perth is a family-friendly option with over 60 stunning beaches to discover. Find flights to Perth. Rottnest Island is a 25 minute ferry ride from Freemantle or 90 minutes from Perth. 
  • The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is a challenging but rewarding ride, stretching over 243 kilometres and offering breathtaking beach, rainforest and cliff views via the coastal towns. Find flights to Melbourne and drive approximately 1 hour to access the Great Ocean Road.
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Mountain biking

With so many great trail options, it’s easy to understand why mountain bike riding in Australia is growing and great recreation for all adventure lovers. 

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Adrenaline Activities

Search flights Hang glider from Rex lookout, Cairns

Hang gliding

If it's exhilaration you're after, hang gliding is for you. Whether you're an experienced glider or keen to tick this experience off your bucket list, get ready to take in a bird’s eye view around Australia.

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Jet boating

If it's speed and water you enjoy, jet boating is for you. An exciting experience offered in popular and unique parts of Australia, not for the faint-hearted.

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